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Discussion in 'General' started by Demonweed23, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. OK on July 12 im getting a job at a farm and im getting drug tested. But their paying me under the table so it could only be an at home drug test(dont want cops involved). Now what i need to know is when is the closest time i could smoke weed before the DT and pass?
  2. Depends on body fat, amount you smoke, metabolism...

    You could always use someone elses piss, or just wait a couple weeks without smoking
  3. dude thats only a month away,,, just play it safe,,, have one big toke up nd get fucked then stop until you take the test.
  4. Yeah, if you don't want to have to work at passing, just take the easy route: stop now. It will be a nice T-break.
  5. Well the people told me the job was going to start like 3 days from now then they moved it back because the crops werent ready. so i was just wonder if i could smoke like 2 week before a drug test and still pass. remember its an at home drug test.
  6. a week ago unless you flush yourself today and everyday until that time
  7. a week before the drug test? or a week and 3 days before the drug test?

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