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At home drug test vs. probation drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by GanJaRiPPeR, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. I have been clean for 5 days and before that I smoked for about 2 weeks. I bought 2 drug tests and a detox drink and I drank 24 oz of water and about 20 min later I took one of the drug tests and passed. Do you think it's worth the 45 dollars to take the detox drink tomorrow morning or return it and just drink lots of water tomorrow morning before the test? I wouldn't test positive on the courts drug test if I tested negative on an at home drug test right before, right?
  2. Home drug tests are a lot easier to pass. And you're system was probably diluted... You wont be clean after 5 days sober. Probably 10 days, on average. I dont trust detox drinks, but thats just me... Sweat alot a week up till the test, then take it easy... Drink and eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and make sure you piss more than twice before the test... Good luck
  3. The Detox stuff you will have to take a certain time before your DT (generally 2-3 hours). The only difference with a "probation" DT is that they can send it to a lab to get the exact numbers, where a home DT just says if you are over a certain number.
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    I don't think they are sending it to a lab it is a test where they know the results in like 5 minutes.

    The test is tomorrow morning btw.
  5. Bump before my test tomorrow morning
  6. Don't smoke if you have a probation drug test, if you do you are on your own...I don't fuck around with shit like that. Home tests are incredibly easier to dupe than a probation test, typically diluting a probation test means you visit a jail cell.
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies. I passed the test with no problems :)

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