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at 12:00 wat are the grass citiers up to?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skillfull87, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. wat are you guys doing right now? 12:03 october 17th central time?

    i am rolling a blunt... i just got an ounce of some good buds
  2. ha im just watching replys... i kinda wish i was in california.. if thast your area or werever it being 10:00
  3. It's 1:05 and I'm smoking a bowl and trying to decide whether or not to shoot this rubberband at my cat. She's all kinds of crazy tonight. She just jumped on the dog who's trying to sleep and she keeps running behind the computer desk and messing with the wires. I'm also listening to Comicview...and I'm here.
  4. just got off the phone with the gf..... smoked a cple bowls and went to the store..... now to get back on the phone with the gf and then have sweet dreams......
  5. just sittin here on my pc downloading music, got barely and weed left and i wont see my dealer now till tuesday!

    (wheres the smilie buttons)

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