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  1. What is it with the LED salesmen on GC? Is it just me or is this obvious astro-turfing? This guy barely has the cash for a couple of CFLs and still the LED salesmen come in pushing and pushing and pushing the high $ lights. Maybe I am just being paranoid and he is just really enthusiastic about LEDs in general, and maybe he is not alone, I dunno.

    So is it just me GC, or are the LED astroturfers running rampant on GC?
  2. 17 of 18 posts about LED lights? Yeah, in my opinion he's a spammer but that's just my opinion. ;)
  3. It's obvious he's pushing the lights, but is he really spamming it?
  4. Report his posts if you think he is spamming or breaking the rules. You don't need to make a thread.

    I don't think he's doing anything wrong tho.
  5. My point is not specifically about "Bob Kessel" but rather him and all his clones. There are a bunch of LED shills running around GC these days. They have all joined very recently, they all talk about how wonderfull this one specific brand of LEDs is and trash talk all the others, and they post over, and over, and over in the same threads. The guys who are up front about what they are (Hydro-Grow-LED for example) don't really bother me, but it is the Bob Kessel's and the calibudzz who are trying to play them selves off as not being salesmen that bug me.

    Maybe it is just me.
  6. I don't know man. Maybe i don't spend enough time in the indoor grow section to notice what goes on. I'm sure if you pm a mod and/or report the posts you feel are advertising or whatever they will look into it.

    Other than that i don't know.

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