astral projection

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    has it happened to anyone, haven't had it happen to me but it did lucid dream a couple times and have had sleep paralysis

    was weird being able to tell your dreaming couldn't believe it at first somehow my dream continued while me still lucid
  2. What is this astral projection you speak of? Never heard of it.
  3. i recently had a very weird dream where i popped in on someone i know sleeping on her left side and surprised her. she asked me where i was, which was a surprising question, but strangely enough, even though i'd left a message for her a week or so before to tell her i got back from a vacation, she asked me where i was when i called back a week after the dream making me wonder if the experience was real or not. it's not the kind of topic that's easy to breach in casual conversation especially when she seemed unsettled in "the dream", but it has been nagging me big time since.

    from what i remember of some horror book i read that had the good guy and bad guy battling each other as street cats through astral projection, i'd say at the very least, i dreamed i did it.
  4. Twice I've been to the point where the body feels like its being vibrated, which is apparently what is experienced pre-AP.

    The first time I thought my body was dying, so I freaked out and lost it.
    The second time, I got too excited, and lost it.

    I think you need to be calm and patient.
  5. I have watched as my whole body evaporated after being torn in half from a accident that happened in my dream was surreal
  6. oh, i've seen some bugged out crap in dreams like that. i had a dream with what started out as a zit i was popping turn into a sort of body drain and another where i was looking in a mirror and started losing my face. then again, i've had some REALLY funky dreams.

    that whole vibrating body thing someone mentioned is really interesting as i've had that sensation a few times recently, but nothing ever became of it. i thought it was just being tired.
  7. I have had lucid dreams and almost an out of body experience - I was in sleep paralysis and was able to move my "phantom limbs" but lost consciousness before i could do anything else
  8. A.K.A: Lucid dreaming/Out Of Body Experience.

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