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astral projecting and OBE'S/lucid dreaming

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by iamaze420, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. hey just wanted to know if thres other smokers here on this site that practices or has had an outof body experience or astral projects....

    the conscious mind seperating from the physical body and being able to explore other dimensions

    also lucid dreaming
    regaining consciousness in a dream or realizing that your dreaming and then being able to take full control of the dream
  2. How would that work? I don't understand how you could become conscious in a dream lol wouldn't you wake up?
  3. been trying. so hard for me

  4. Nah it's different.

    When your dreaming you become aware that your dreaming and your like consiously engaged in the dream and can do stuff in it like fly, create stuff, etc.

    So basically it's like being in the dream but it's like real life and you can do whatever.
  5. Alright sign me up, how do I get to this state in a dream? Sounds like it would take some hardcore meditation.

  6. Well i've never purposely tried to do this, they just happened.

    But I did obtain alot of lucid dreams after waking up in the morning, then falling back asleep.

    There definantly is books on "how to lucid dream" but i've never really tried, them, I have read up on them though.
  7. i used to lucid dream, and i got pretty good at it. I still do it occasionally but i dont try anymore, i just realized... its not real so whats the point, and yeah it sounds cool but thats the problem it SOUNDS cool, its not like that shit is actually happening to you. the only people who want to lucid dream are the ones who have never done it
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    There have been a few other Astral Projection threads, but they died quickly.

    I haven't successfully projected, but I've induced sleep paralysis and had an extremely profound introspection.

  9. yeah they way I always lucid dream is by waking up and then going back to sleep

    ahh i love it :D

  10. yeh, thats gaven me the most lucid dreams :p

    same here brotha, my last lucid dream was crazy wierd, ha.

  11. Catalyze the meditation:
  12. How long is it gonna take me to smoke all that.... yum
  13. i have lucid dreampt once but the night i did it it happened in like 3 different dreams, unfortunately ive not been able to do it since
  14. FOR THOSE WHO DONT KNOW WHAT OBEs are OR want to know more about it:
    journeys out of body by robert monroe
    astral dynamics by frank bruce

    ^^nope you wouldnt, i actually had a lucid dream last night that i was able to convert into an OBE. the difference between a "lucid" dream and a regular dream is that in the regular you have no control as to what is happening etc. and your just "going with the flow" of w.e is happening in the dream.
    once you become LUCID its basically becoming conscious, you may look around and think am i awake?<(this is what i usually ask myself in the dream to make it lucid) once i ask myself this (it can be different for other ppl how you become lucid but i do something called reality checks all day like checking your hands or just making sure your not in a dream and this action leaks into my dreams , allowing me to regain consciouness because you most likely will do it in your dream as you usually dream about what you were thinking about all day or right before etc..)
    i start looking around and what i mean by becoming conscious is now its more realistic than the regular dream state when everything is vague. me i start to notice my surroundings, i start to notice the thoughts that im thinking during this state. i can make my own decisions and gain control of the dream now just like in real life you choose to go places and see things and say certain things...YOU CHOOSE. and since its the "dream world" it can be much more fun than reality because your mind is in control and it can create anything you want.
    you can have superpowers if you choose or live out fantasies that may be impossible in real life.
    all this may sound confusing or unreal if youve never studied the subconscious, different levels of consciousness or obe/ap and different dimensions. look up robert monroe in youtube or read "Astral Dynamics" by Frank Bruce. really explains good and you'll know everything you need to know in no time!

    OBE is even more realistic than a LUCID dream and its no longer just what your mind is creating but your actually raising your minds frequency to the level that would allow you to access other dimensions. here you can meet entities from another world, talk to relatives/friends who have passed away, go to the akashic records which is a plce where all collective information and consciousness of everything and everyone is located(its a big library you can go read your own book if you like) There are 7 planes called the astral plane and theres the RTZ(real time zone) which is a reflection of real life and moment which is why its called this. the mind has different levels of sleep/awareness, here they are:

    Gamma (38-90 Hz) : High awareness, strong perceptions, lucid dreaming

    Beta (12-38 Hz) : Usual problem-solving, waking, everyday state

    Alpha (8-12 Hz) : Slower brainwaves, relaxed and creative state, light meditation

    Theta (4-8 Hz) : Deep relaxation and meditation, dreaming, out of body experiences

    Delta (0.5-4 Hz) : Very slow brain activity, deep sleep, regenerative state

    anyway im rambling now you need to look into this yourself so you can learn and understand things better. from what i understand all humans have this ability, and we all enter this stage when we're asleep since our frequency changes in "sleep mode". the main difference is your goal here is to have a CONSCIOUS out of body experience, since an un-conscious one is what you do everynight but once your body goes back to regular it doesnt really download all your "shadow memories"=dream memories etc.

    you ever notice how hard it can be to remember a dream even tho you may of just woken up? ever noticed how the more time that passes the more you forget and sometimes you believe you didnt dream at all or just cant remember or it may be only fragments of the dream that come to mind not all. these are shadow memories...theyre things you did while you were unconscious and once your body was going back into regular state these memories stay "at the edge" of your subconsciousness....still accesible but it can be hard to bring them back. however you can practice by keeping a dream journal like me by your bed and start recording everything....eventually it becomes easier to recall your shadow memories and you may be surprised at what you forgot or the things you may have just went through. flying, jumping and falling dreams which im sure all of us have had are associated with OBE's and lucid dreams. one of my lucid dreams began because i was flying, while i was in flight i became conscious/lucid.

    the cool thing about this crazy phenomenon that im surprised the entire world doesnt knwo about but many people tend to see it as "psychic" or "magic" or "witchcraft" or "spiritual" which is stupid because i see this as a very scientific thing that happens naturally but we can LEARN to manipulate to have one at will and conscious. in religious terms OBEs is your spirit seperating from your physical body. you may have a "guide" or "angel" waiting for you or helpng you learn things or to further advance your knowledge, spirituality etc. in scientific terms its raising your brainwaves to the theta level which is best for OBEs.

    By you manipulating this by doing techniques (which you can look up theres hundreds u need to find the one that works for you)to reach an OBE or trying to convert a dream/lucid dream into an OBE your goal is to keep your mind from falling asleep once it enters the THeta level after alpha. (if your intenting an OBE before falling asleep or after waking up) this is simply translated to MIND AWAKE BODY ASLEEP. you use techniques to keep your mind from drifting off or chit chatting etc by focusing maybe by saying a mantra or visualizing someting etc. it but at the same time trying to relax your body completely to the point where it falls asleep.

    NDEs (NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE) are the same thing just a more dramatic version that can happen to you maybe while your in the middle of an accident or something very dramatic is happening to you. but its the same concept, your spirit/soul/mind/etheric body/sub conscious w.e you want to call it LEAVES your body. people who claim they saw themselves in the car from outside the vehicle and maybe saw a light or met God or are standing by there unconscious bodies right before or after having a car accident, or see their whole lives in detail for example would be a NDE although in reality the person was still in the car or knocked out or unconscious etc.

    other ways people claim they can have an OBE is by meditating. me ive only been able to have a total of 5 since i started exploring this subject in september. 3 have been after waking up in the middle of the night and trying to, the other 2 have been thru a lucid dream that i converted into an OBE) it takes practice but its well worth it to find out about something so amazing and incredible that to everyone else you may know it just sounds crazy and impossible. its life enhancing. also you learn things about what happens to us after you die. freaky stuff but amazing. it can be scary too as can be anything unknown (FEAR=False evidence appearing real) but in reality theres absolutely no risks. your always safe. your energy body/etheric body no matter how far you may travel, another country another planet another universe, is always connected to your physical body as long as you are alive. it may leave, but some people claim they can see a silver glowing cord sort of like a baby when just given birth has a umbilical cord connected tohim, this cord is connected from your energy body to your physical body in bed. i dont see mine but wether you can see it or not its there and if you find yourself in a obe, maybe a scary one like my 2nd, all you have to do is think about your body and you'll be back instantly.
    it ALWAYS works, in fact sometimes you may end it by accident just by thinking about your body without the purpose of returning since its like a reflex almost, like has also happened to me, i thought about my body in my bed while i was in the middle of one and i got sent back nd woke up altough i didnt want it to end yet.

    Theres so many more details and things you should know about the RTZ and the other astral planes (the higher ones the better) and some arent even accessible by us unless helped i believe, this is what i personally believe to be actual heaven. usually the higher the more pure the energy, the "nicer" the entities or "divine" and amazing. people claim to be engulfed by this white light and they feel so much joy that they start crying out of happiness etc. which i believe to be God. however it takes so much more practice and training than what ive had to access the higher planes. theres so many techniques and information on it but you have to look for it. also theres stages that you go through like VS (vibrational stage where you feel like your whole body is vibrating before starting to OBE, very common),astral blindness, sinking feelings or the feeling of one of your hands or legs etc. coming out, floating up towards your cieling etc.

    try it wont regret it.
  15. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience" -- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

    "God made the senses turn outwards, man therefore looks outwards, not into himself. But occasionally a daring soul, desiring immortality, has looked back and found himself."

  16. i agree ive been able to lucid dream the majority of my life and it can be fun but its not real so eventually...ehh whats the point right.

    well next time your having a lucid dream think "ok im going tohave an OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE" or just start flying if your conscious it shuold work and you can convert it into an OBE. which your going to feel like your in real life. its not just a dream trust me and your not just playing in a dream that your own mind created, now your somewhere else where you can travel and see real things in real time or go to other universes. obes are very real. just put it to the test. put a card by your window with the side that shows what card it is facing out the window AND DONT LOOK AT THE CARD AT ANYTIME or even think about what card it may be. go to sleep have an obe. once you end up in your room out of body pick up the card, look at it and then go back into your body. PICK UP THE CARD once you wake may be surprised just how real OBEs are. the card will be the same as in your OBE.

    i had a friend that tried a different way to see if these are really real or not. he went to his mothers. he noticed his little brother whod fallen asleep by the couch in a red tshirt and he was watching avatar. the next day he called his lil brother up and asked him hey were yuo watching avatar last night and fell asleep on the couch? his brother said yea howd u know...then he asked him were you wearing a red t....also a yes.

    SO definitley much more to it. dreams and astral travel are definitley not the same thing they just happen on the same frequency and one is unconscious and a product of your imagination, one can be conscious if you can accomplish it and is real.
  17. i had 2 concious expirances with OBE

    the first i was laying for a few hours and i blacked out for a bit and i returned right as i was , but as i sat up i felt myself slip out of my body , it felt as if a layer of me was taken off , i turned around kind of shocked and saw myself laying as i was , i got up and looked about my room and as i tried to go forward i begane to feel like i was falling and i spun around uncontrollibly and i woke back up

    the other i was able to leave my body but my head was not able to seperate and i just kinda sat sideways kinda floating

    i have come to the conclusion that i am not ready for astral projection and i decided to focus on my meditations and studies before i try to get into astral projection again , i plan to try again when my work gets slow this summer and i have more freetime

    and for any that have not been able to get it to happen , always remember this.... never give up.. always let go...
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    I've had all of the above many times.

    Back in high school I went through a period where I would lucid dream several times a week (being in high school I had many wet dreams initiated by myself, but also other cool experiences such as flying, doing magic, making instruments and people/beings appear).

    Now I only lucid dream once every few weeks.

    I initiated an astral projection while awake once, and another time in a dream.

    I find all of them to be beautiful, exhilerating experiences... My dream astral projection (the first of the two) made me so excited and overwhelmed with happiness that I started uncontrollably laughing and crying tears of joy at the same time. Unfortunately being so excited threw me back into my body, but I learned from it and was able to stay in the second one much longer.

    I've had many other OBE's but they were all drug induced (salvia, dmt, ketamine, etc...)
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    I have had experiences or the feeling of both.

    The first of 3 out of body experiences I has was while waiting in a car for a mate to show up. I tried to make myself as relaxed as possible. Starting from my feet etc. I was doing the breathing thing and all. It felt like all my energy came into my head and face, and then like I could feel myself just under my mind or whatever you like to call it.

    The other wierd thing was for a moment everything in the world existed from my perspective.

    I never tried it again it just felt like I was borderline losing control, but it happened twice since just as I am on the verge of falling asleep. I suppose it was more of a sensation than a out of body experience, but maybe theres more to it.

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