assholes who cant mind their own business piss me off(ps its a rant)

Discussion in 'General' started by kbubb91, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. why is it that every time i see someone with a sign or a shirt that has in the same sentence god and hates, i just wanna beat the fucken shit out of that person for being the dumbest person on the planet. how do you know what god hates when you never talked to the guy.

    thats like saying kbubb91 hates lesbians, who the fuck said that bullshit. if i was god id blow those fucken morons up, yet how many of them get caught with child porn on their computer or actually doing sexual act with a child. a MALE child with a MALE preist, can i say FUCKEN FAGGOT!!

    the same with those assholes holding signs saying abortion is murder, how do you not know that their isnt complications with the unborn baby and it needs to be terminated or the mother and child will both die. its bad enough the baby is dead but now you got to make the mother feel like shit for trying to save her own life. even if she is getting an abortion cause of a 1 night stand, do you people have any idea how expensive it is to raise a kid, sure you can hold up all the signs but you dont give a dime to struggling mothers you fascist pricks. out of all of the abortion haters i bet less then 0.1% actually give money to mothers who need the help cause they choose not to get an abortion and their dirt poor.

    and now my last point marijuana, LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE YOU PRICKS, its our body, we know how to use it responsible, and cops how about you bust some real crime and stop looking for pot smokers to fill your shitty quota. oh no im gonna do bad things sitting in my apartment watching youtube, what a threat to society i am, come kick down my door FUCK THE POLICE.
  2. There is no god.
  3. I don't think GrassCity is the place to rant. Rants usually are buzzkills to high people.
  4. i gave you fair warning it was a rant so dont give me that bull, your just looking for something to shake your fist at. and btw not everyone who is on this site is high, im not.
  5. People come here to rant all the time.
  6. judging by the pic in your sig, your the type of geek i hate, sorry...

  7. first off im NOT A FUCKEN GEEK, im an athlete so GET YOUR FUCKEN FACTS STRAIGHT. a friend made that sig for me and it was 20 times better then mine. 2nd off what the fuck ever. people have way worse sigs then mine. yours says flowering, you better be a girl or im so dogging you on that you priss.
  8. he looks funny, lulz

  9. Are you old enough to be on this site?
  10. 91 A DUH, as in born 1991 god is every losing brain cells. :rolleyes:
  11. kbubb91 is either a trolll
    a 13 year old boy
    or a feminine man with a low self-esteem and a short fuse.
  12. yeah whatever, or a pissed off 20 yr old who just got his weed taken by his mom when he just spent half of his paycheck buying the shit. and she flushed it down the fucken toilet

  13. are you a cute 17 year old vally girl?

    "omg like what...ever"..
  14. I'm betting all three, after reading the thread.
  15. Can't believe this hasn't been said yet...

    lol you mad bro?
  16. fuck this shit im done even looking at this thread, you trolls can go suck a dick for all i care, as far as im concerned this thread is dead to me. fuck off trolls
  17. I hate those people as well. Especially the douches that harass military funerals, not cool.
    But God loves EVERYONE. Period. And these people make christians look so awful and it makes me so mad because they make real christians look and sound terrible. As far as abortions go, i believe its wrong and we should never take a human life, but if the baby living means the mother dying, i suppose thats not bad but i dont think that happens that often anymore.

  18. wat


  19. Just saying "fuck off trolls" won't shoo them away.

    Instead, use this: [​IMG]

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