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    So yea, today, I gave 125$ to my good friend/ex dealer for him to go grab me an once. When I got back from work, I meet with my friends in a park and we are waiting for my friend to come with my weed.

    When he arrive, he told us we just got fucked.

    Apparently, the guy who my friend buy is herb from told im he had pay 5$ because it was 130 instead of 125. So he told him that he would keep 1g. It was alright. Then, my friend take the bag, throw it in is packsac and get in is car. After like 30 second of driving, he stop and chek the weed. I got half an once.... Then, he turn back but is guy was gone.

    So, we decide to call the guy back. After talking for like 30 minutes and him saying shit like he was gonna give me 3g and everything would be good he told us to call him back tomorrow.

    I think he should give me at least 10g lol

    I don't know what will happen, if he don't give me 10g, I guess he deserve a punch in the face right ?

    Anyway thanks for reading :smoke:
  2. You should get 14g, which is a half.. Or knock his fucking teeth out, hate to condone violence but i've heard this story plenty of times.. he's full of shit
  3. well yeah 3gs for ripping u off 14? haha but where im at if its dank 130 is a steal for a half, i can get one for 200(220-240 norm) but thats because i know a dealers brother...i would say rob him for the most weight he can get =) then punch him in the face.

  4. Nop dude, Here in Quebec, Canada, u can get pretty good weed for 125-150.

    I would never pay more than 180 for an once.

    Its awsome.
  5. Well, OP... you just learned a lesson. Don't hand over money until you see the product.
  6. yea.. fuck that dude!

    shouldnt be givin him bills like that anyways.

    lesson learned.
  7. LOL, who sends money off to buy illegal drugs before you have even see them?

    Oh wait op does. Punch yourself in the face op, not your 'dealer'.

    So tired of these threads.. ah not really they're a good laugh :hello:

    But learn from your mistakes.. and all that stuff
  8. He deserves to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. guy sounds quite the butthole

  10. I always wondered if French Canadians got high as much as English Canadians :smoke:
  11. 125 for an O? do you shop wholesale? cuz i get an O for 350 at walmart. damn wholesale and their cheap prices. grr.
  12. Lesson learned right?

    I feel like these shitty things happen for a reason though, it sucks but you have to move on and learn from the experience.
  13. Canadian budd is cheap and fucking good kids
  14. Don't kill anyone over a 110 bucks, I've been robbed for that much, it sucks. But think of all the dumb ways you can land in a fucking cage if you get irrational and angry. Give this guy a fat finger, maybe send him a pamphlet on Karma, and move on with your life.

    Also, if you played video games you would of avoided this. In WoW do you ever trade Epic Sword +403 for the promise of gold a day later? Fuck no you don't, and you don't hand over money until you see the drugs.

    I know some drug dealers work middle man style, but fuck them they can set up a more secure way then you giving them money and they give you whatever sometime in the future.

    Also 10g =/= A half ounce, and nowhere near close to a full ounce. If you are getting a Ounce at 125 that means you are getting 28 grams in a baggie. That baggie will be fat as fuck or dense as fuck. A half ounce is 14 grams, and that is still 4g over what you're expecting.

    You sound very new, and very gullible. Get learnt quick man, or you'll wind up in the ghetto looking for buds and robbed for two hundo instead of the like fifty bucks you may have been jipped out of.

  15. Yeah but the dealer actually came through with half an ounce, so what he was saying is that he would want at least 10 more g's to be satisfied, even if he's taking a 4g net loss.

    I dunno, i'd be happy if i payed 125 and got 24 grams of decent weed, thats like 5$ a gram.

    Here in BC I pay 55-60 for a quarter of DANK shit, and 50 a Q for the ok stuff. None of it has any seeds or stems though, which is nice.:smoke:

  16. Haha I would say yes, If it's not more :smoke:
  17. He's canadian?... Burn his fucking house down then like the cops are gonna get there anytime that week :rolleyes:... But enough ripping on Canada... I go up near Sarnia for 160oz/1700p
  18. Are you illiterate or something? You deserved to get ripped.
  19. and post of the day goes to...

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