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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Yoda, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. High folks...:wave:
    As you all are aware the Gc team has been hard at work to get us all set up at the new place here.
    They are redoing the phone apps as well.
    A problem with the apple phone app has forced us to close these threads, The tech is working hard to get the issue resloved.
    Once the app is released and the problems are fixed we will revisit the possibility of these threads coming back.
    Until then we appreciate your patience on the matter...
    Any concerns feel free to pm me...

  2. we have also taken the curvy girls and favorite porn star thread.
    We need to be patient while we get the apple ap taken care of folks...
  3. Are the removed threads stored somewhere or have they been deleted entirely?
  4. In my humble opinion I must say, fuck Apple.

    Sent from my Samsung GS4 SCH-I545

  5. Not the curvy girls thread!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. Ohhh ok, that makes a lot of sense. Good to know.
  7. ass 
    n titties
    n big booty bitches 
    n titties
    ass ass n titties
  8. DO IT BIG THEN!!!! I have an android but getting an actual apple app is so much harder. So proud of you guys yoda keep up the good work!

    previously aurorahippy

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    I see folks doubting that this is truth...
    I guarantee you guys. all us male mods love nice asses, I mean who wouldn't right.
    I'M not gonna speak for the female mods..but I suspect they like a nice ass
    This decision wasn't made lightly, we don't like to conform for anyone but the members but to get you guys the app you need we have to play the game, Its very important to the Gc admin that you all have the tools you need to enjoy gc..
    Thanks for the kind words dude.. blades like you are why we continue to try and spread good vibes and keep the city safe... :)
    to answer the question above..
    all theads are intact,
  10. I'm glad to hear they're intact... Most of them had fucking gold! :ey:
  11. Get it for windows for little people like me 
  12. Fuck apple. Can't wait until my plan is over and I can get an android :)
    I have an android but I agree. I would have gotten a windows phone if I could get the GC app on it.
  14. so do we finally get our threads back? 
  15. Thats what I was about to ask
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    The curvy girls thread is back!!!!!
    :yay: :yay:
    Are the boobs and ass threads coming back too?
  17. Until then we appreciate your patience on the matter...  [​IMG]
  18. @[member="YODA"]
    Even though the ass thread isn't back yet, are we aloud to post several pics of asses in the same post? I remember a while ago in one thread you had said to limit it to one pic.
  19. How is this pinned?
    Super awesome moderator powers
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