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  1. This goes out to all the guys here....

    I've always been curious about other women so I want your feedback. Do most/all/none of the women you've slept with have ass hair? I'm not talking about on the cheek, I mean in the crack. If she did have hair, did you like it?

    Ladies...if you want to contribute then fill me in on what you do with your ass hair. Do you leave it alone or wax it?
  2. You make some goofy topics :p

    (bet it would itch like no other if you shaved it)
  3. Do you have a hairy butthole?

  4. Lol, I'm always thinking about goofy stuff :D

  5. that's a negative
  6. Thats fucking grotty.
    I don't sleep with any chicks that have bin ladens beard protruding out their asshole.
  7. Picture or it didn't happen. :p
  8. what do women think of guy's hairy butts / legs ?
  9. I don't mind hairy legs on a man but a hairy ass is just gross.
  10. I hope they like it cuz my ass is rediculously hairy :/

  11. some guy with hairy legs and a bald ass would look fucking retarded imho hahah
  12. haha My ass is hairy as fuck. Well, like the crack.

    And no, never shave that shit, I've heard horror stories friction-wise.
  13. Let me correct myself....I don't mind a little hair on a guy's crack but on the cheeks is not attractive.
  14. Ha i would never shave my ass crack haha im scared from the first time i shaved my pubes i did it wrong and suffered for like 2 weeks lol
  15. Just my thing, do not like that at all. unnatractive for me actually. but hey if thats your thing
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    It's probably like it is for guys. We all have hair, just some are hairier then others. Some girls are hairier then others also. If you have a real hairy va jay jay, you probably got a hairy butt. The only way you have no hair back there is if you shave or wax.

    Proper grooming is very important IMO...for guys and girls.
  17. Guess I'm in the clear... Just gotta watch out for them dingleberries.

  18. oh dear *barf*
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    Lol. Thats a funny question. I think pretty much all girls have that. I wouldn't say its attractive no, since its very hard to keep perfectly clean. A lot of times there are little shreds of toilet paper wrapped up in them. And aesthetically it does look better clean shaven.

    That being said it is normal to have it. Its kinda a shame but we hold women up to such standards. Expecting every hair on your butt hole to be well manicured. But we do spread your ass cheeks while fucking you. I'd be completely humiliated if the situation were reversed.

    Do I appreciate girls waxing or shaving it? Yeah. But in all honesty I never make my girlfriends do it because I know it itches when it grows back. Granted its kinda funny to watch your girlfriend squirming at the mall because she can't dig in her ass with her thumb. But I feel bad about it and tell them just not to worry about it if it bothers them. Every girl I've told that to stopped shaving and waxing it, so I'll have to assume it does cause discomfort for them to shave or especially wax it. One even said "Thank you" when I told her she didn't have to.

    Just trim it short with scissors, and you'll be fine.
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    Not a turn on but I could live with it if it was like brooklyn decker or something. Nah but really its just natural no biggie.

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