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Asking Pizza delivery guy for weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alex1646, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I am fed up with the shitty, flaky, dishonest dealers that cater to my school. I have been looking for a new one for months with no luck.
    So, I am thinking of just ordering a Pizza and asking the delivery guy. Even if he doesn't deal, I am sure he can hook me up with someone who does.
    But, how should I bring it up? What exactly should I say?

    And, hypothetically speaking, would a pizza guy give the same recommendation to a younger kid? Just wondering.

    Anyways, thanks for the help!
  2. Open the door smoking. and based on his reaction will tell you alot. then just say this is some bammer cant find any goods, if he is chill with it and hell do the rest
  3. ask him if he wants to come in and smoke as a tip and then smoke him out with your crappy bud. then comment on how your sorry its crappy. and ask if he knows where any good is?
  4. You better tip the fuck out of him, cause he has no reason to help you get bud, especially if he's risking it with a kid.
  5. he might snitch tho!
  6. I ask EVERY pizza delivery guy if he wants so chill for a sec and hit the bong... Only one has ever done it, cuz he knew I called in an order and has smoked with me while he's not at work.

    Most of the time they dont wanna smoke so I just grab them a beer.. I'm too lazy to tip and they usually LOVE the free beer lol.


    You're trying to pick-up from a pizza guy..... Dude, I bet it'll never work...
  7. So you are a younger kid, hypothetically, or in real life?

    IDK, it's not something i would do. Meet a friend that smokes weed? Not a pizza guy...

    And if i delivered pizza and some random kid asked me for a weed dealers number there is no way i'd give them a real number.
  8. when I was a furniture delivery guy people offered me weed and beer quit often..if he looks like a stoner then im sure he wont take offense probably just say no
  9. If he looks cool with it, ask.
    I mean they work at pizza hut so I doubt they'd really give a shit.
  10. Asking a pizza guy is just dumb?
  11. Remember that story not long ago all over the news about the person who told the cops that he/she smelled smoke when they opend the door. i think it was someone from dominos. they ended up finding like 5 lbs on there dresser? hahahhahaha

  12. "Shortly after the pizza was delivered, Smith told 9News, the Aurora Police Department pounded on his door. The police officers told him they were responding to a complaint by the pizza delivery guy. They did a routine check of the residence and questioned Smith, then left without filing any charges."

    Pizza delivery guy calls cops on medical marijuana patient
  13. Nah it wouldn't work.

    Especially a younger kid.

    I mean the delivery guy would be risking his job, and then possibly get sued by the company if he gets caught. I wouldn't do it under any circumstances personally, it's just not a good idea.

  14. oh, that might have been it but i could have sworn there was another story about a couple with kids and the cops ended up finding all pounds in there room just sitting on a dresser. maybe it wasnt with a pizza deliver..but i dont know how id mix that up hahah
  15. chip no! chip dont do it!

    me on the other hand, im usually the one to leave the pizza guy a funky tip :smoke:
  16. I've seen on the news were a pizza guy called the cops on a guy who was smoking. Its dumb to ask
  17. would never do it myself, but good luck.
  18. You could ask worse people, but ask people you know first.

    College campuses are good, even if it's just a community college.
  19. So I am thinking of when I am counting the money to give to him, if he looks cool, saying
    "Hey, man, all the dealers a my school kinda suck, you know where I could get some bud?"
    and handing him a good tip.
  20. [quote name='"Alex1646"']So I am thinking of when I am counting the money to give to him, if he looks cool, saying
    "Hey, man, all the dealers a my school kinda suck, you know where I could get some bud?"
    and handing him a good tip.[/quote]

    if u actually do it, just say "hey man do u know where i could find 420?". done it before and it worked (not with a pizza guy though)

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