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Asking For Weed In "High" School

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gerald42O, May 13, 2016.

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  1. So I know this one guy that goes to my high school that has weed hookups (lets call him Tyler). I am not very popular and I don't have vary many friends because I was home schooled most of my life and I have had trouble making friends in high school because everyone has their closed off friend groups.

    That being said I am looking for the hookups from Tyler but it can be scary to say the least to ask for weed. I am wondering if I should go to the place he works (a restaurant of course) and hope he is the guy at the counter, use Facebook messenger and ask him through there, or approach him in the hallway in school. I got some weed from Tyler through a friend (lets call him Richard) once but Richard refuses to tell Tyler that I am looking for hookups.

    I am looking for some hookups before summer vacation (about a month) so I can smoke all summer.

    Also maybe I could attract a dealer by looking like a stoner? I really don't look like a stoner at all, I actually look like the type of kid who would snitch on someone who smokes weed.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Have to be 18 to be on this forum.

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  3. before the banhammer approaches... Adultfriendfinder because inb4 lulz
  4. Well before you get banned. Man up and just ask around for some. It's awkward but teens don't even care

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  5. If someone is selling weed, they don't care who you are. A dealer's not going to care whether they like you personally or whatever (unless you're being an asshole), you're just money to them. So yeah, if you want weed forget about the awkwardness and just do it.
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  6. WAIT I am a senor in high school and I am 18! Almost 19 actually!
  7. Ok thanks for the advice. Maybe I should quit being such a wimp and just talk to the dude.
  8. I am 18... I am a senor in high school and I am kind of behind a year because of being home schooled before high school.
  9. I shouldn't get banned because I am 18. Thanks for the advice though, I should really quit being so anxious about it.
  10. @Gerald420 check your Conversations and get back to me.

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