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  1. Try ph 6.5. Not quite hydro but not quite soil
  2. guys what nutrients should i use?
    can somebody tell their entire nutrients list for coco?
  3. Get a bundle from advanced nutrients pH perfect sense grow and bloom for coco done and start at half str8 n work way up and watch ur plants dealing with coco I've learned less is more and issues show very quickly

    I use sensi grow/bloom and I don't even use meters at all the plant speaks better than anything but I'm doing a run now in flower running over full str8 n just got tip burn so I know I'm spot on. So read up on ironheads journal he great with coco
  4. Awesome post!!!! Thank yu for this man!
    Using this advice how would you do an ez cloner.
    150 calmag/150nutes 1st week
    150 calmag/300nutes 2nd week
    Just trying to get my recipe down. I know 3ml of calmag+ gets me to 150ppm. and i know 5ml of clonex cloning solutions is 150ppm as well. Although clonex recommends adding 5-10ml per LITER or 18-38ml per gallon. Jeezus running only the clonex solution would be something crazy like 525-1050ppm.
  6. Are these numbers as if you were running ro or distilled water?  I use 5.7 to 6.3 ph'ed tap water with nothing added up until I see roots on at least half the clones.  Then I add the three GH Flora Series (Gro, Micro, and Bloom) at 2.5 ml per gallon. Bout 400 ppm but my tap starts at 140ppm.  I can grow a root ball in 14 days. 
    Yes these numbers are for Reverse Osmosis water. We dont have chlorine here. We have tons of choloramine in the water and its around 250ppm. Really close to a nasty river :(
  8. Hey guys, hoping someone can answer this. I'm new to coco and haven't grown anything in about 10 years so I got the sensi ph perfect coco a&b thinking it would be easier. I just mixed up 2 5 gallon bubble buckets. One with the sensi ph perfect and superthrive and the other with the flora 3 part, epsom salts (waiting on my calmag to get here, I live in a state with NO hydro stores, basicly walmart or amazon) and rapid start. Seedling dose on all. My worry is that while my flora bucket had a ph of 6.5 right off the bat, my ph perfect keeps going up up UP! It started at 7, so I waited and took a few samples over the last hour and it is still creeping up! It's at 7.83 now. I'm scared to water my plants with it. They are ranging between 3 and 4 weeks old and have had very slow growth as I've been hesitant to feed but I'm afraid this will burn them. I just fixed a magnesium deficiency with one of my baby afghanis and it bounced back well but still pretty small. Any insight would be appreciated. I'm running 2 mixed autos from herbies in 5 gal coco/perlite hempys, 1 incredible hulk from us seeds, and 2 afghanis (last 3 strains transplanted to soil mix from hempys because of all the problems) from herbies. The only ones with much growth at all are my afghanis. I've already killed 3 plants but those just got top close to the flouro as seedlings and I didn't catch them in time. They are in full sun on my pool deck now. I'm hesitant to transplant the autos as I know they hate it.
  9. Hey there. Got a couple bricks of coco to try for the first time. I'm usually w/ organic soil making a half super soil. Could I do the same w/ coco. Like mix coco, ewc, azomite, Epsom salt & use happy frog ferts for veg & liquid organic nutes for bloom/flower.
  10. No fuckin way I can add guano and earth worm castings to coco? I've only read about coco as a hydro medium that would solve quite a few of my problems though....... Do you have to water 3 times a day or can you water it like soil?
  11. I do Hempy buckets, using passive hydro. Nothing but coco and perlite 50-50., and I use GH Floranova for nutes

    So it's passive hydro.

    the small reservoir at the bottom of the bucket so far is sufficient so that I am only watering once per day., though with really big plants you might have to water more often.

    With hempies, I believe once a day is best, to keep the reservoir aerated and provide for maximum growth rates and prevent salt buildup
  12. Should add that I've never tried coco as an organic medium, but no reason why that wouldn't work. I don't know about how often you'd Hav to water as I have never done it.
  13. This guide is great. Thank you!!!
  14. I would have thought adding the organic stuff instead of hydro nutes would require diff ph so wouldn't work but I will try lol wish me luck!
  15. Hi,
    We are working on manufacturing a coco coir grow bag to grow Marijuana.
    I would like to know few things.
    1. What should be the Electrical Conductivity (EC) level most suitable for growing marijuana?
    2. Can we use coco peat and coco chips mix rather than using coco peat and perlite mix?

    Also I would like to know the growth time for a marijuana plant in coco coir? Because depending on that we can make the bag for the grow bag.
    Most of the time we use bags that are durable for 2 years. Is it enough for Marijuana?

    Appreciate your valuable comments.

    Ashen Gomez
  16. What pot size should I use?

    I am currently growing 2 plants in a 2.6 x 2.6 x 5.3 (80x80x160) grow space. They get 7 weeks of veg and will be mainlined into 8 mains. I am using LED lights which are about the same as a 400 hps. I want to use root pots (same as smart pots).

    In my current grow I completely screwed up my watering, therefore I didn't build my root ball correctly. I have 16 litre (4 gallon) root pots and would like to know if this is too large for what I have.

    2015-09-03 15.45.14.jpg

    2015-09-04 17.35.16.jpg

  17. Hi ed, is anyone still around here not many posts lately
    But just a couple quick questions, ok so I got 4 autos (NL by Sensi, PE by Barney's, and 2 comparative grow strains from The Vault seed store, awesome bunch of people by the way, Pink Diesel x Amnesia & Alien x Triangle, probably still seeds if anyone's interested, )
    All in 11L geopots with a 50/50 canna coco/perlite mix, in a tent 1.2x1.2x2.0m under a 600wMH, in and outlet fan.
    Now there all 13 days old since they broke ground and they seem to be growing very slowly, they only have their first and second set of real leaves, second still small, I've only been giving small amounts of water ph'd to 5.8 when needed, temperatures have roughly been anywhere from 18 to 28C, lower being lights off which is 20/4, although since birth there was a week where the heat was higher and temps got to 35C and 40C a couple times in tent for maybe 3 or 4hrs a day. Temps are now under control and max is now 28C, the last 2 or 3 day they have noticeably gotten a bit bigger.
    Just wondering if this is the reason for the slow growth, or am I maybe doing something else wrong, here's some photos
    View attachment 1877016 View attachment 1877017 View attachment 1877023 View attachment 1877025
    And a link to my journal if anyone is interested
  18. I just started my firsr grow using coco what a thrwad im subbed up well done mate all the info in one place
  19. Hi Ed!
    Great topic with lots of good info. I am launching a coco experiment and would like input / ideas form this group. This is my first coco grow but have to disclaim that will not be a typical coco grow, I have a 4 x 4 attic grow room with ventilation draw from the living space below. I do a single grow each year which is enough for family medicinal needs.

    I use an Advanced LED XML 350 for light and I utilize's Hydro Soil System 3.5 Gal. Quad Bundle. Last year I used the Hydro Soil System 3.5 Gal. Quad Bundle with soil and grew two each of strains from Dr. Greenthumb, Irainian G13 and Freedom 35. Yield and quality was best with the Freedom 35 so I will do 4 plants of that strain this year. I used Fox Farm ocean for that grow.

    The Hydro Soil System 3.5 Gal. Quad Bundle is a hybridization of hydroponics in that no matter the grow medium there is near complete liquid saturation with aeration from the bottom. Last years grow relied on nutrients in the Fox Farm soil with a little supplementation of liquid organic fertilizer and some bloom nutrient support. I complemented the modularhydro guy on the results and he recommended I try a coco grow.

    I bought some CocoTek coco (find ground) and some Plant!t coco chunks. I have pondered which to use or a mix of both. I have decided to go with the chunks for the increased porosity allowing the bubble action to be more freely dispersed. I will be using RO water with the Gen. Hydro Coco Tek A+B nutrient system and will most likely augment with Gen. Hydro KoolBloom.

    For growing technique I will be using the mainlining technique described by Nugbuckets building a low manifold system for 8 main stems. I will train those stems with 3 foot bamboo coming up from the buckets. The Freedom 35 strain does well at 24 hour photo period during veg and can be switched to a 14/10 cycle for flower. This strain shows limited stretch by Greenthumb's statement and my experience. I will veg it to 30 inches before the switch. The buckets will each rest on lazy susan allowing easy rotation and with the goal of even growth / canopy structure. Seeds are germinating in 4 inch rockwool cubes as I type.

    FYI I am an old fart.... Acapulco Gold and Panama Red in high school. Early sinsemilla grower in Sonoma County. Things have change a bit? No?

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