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  1. Hey all, i was wondering if i could do an entire grow from seed in a 1 gal pot?
    Usually i grow in larger pots and i take my time vegging my plants, but this time the idea is to fit as many plants as possible. I will not veg longer than 28 days anyway. So will i get decent results in a 1 gal pot? I'm running a DTW system, i can feed em several times daily.

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    Yeah, especially if you get smartpots or airpots.
    With little veg time, traditional pots, and an amature skill level, I usually get an ounce from .5 - .75 gal of medium.
    But I'm sure with a little longer veg like you are talking about and more lighting you could get much better yeilds. 
  3. awesome to have so many people like you willing to share your great knowledge - you sir have done a great job here - much appriciated
  4. I have 12 6ltr pots on a wilma system using canna coco a+b any help with a feeding guide pls veg to flower any help would be appreciated

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  5. I'm pretty sure there is a feeding chart on the canna website. It should have exactly what you are looking for. 
  6. Wow! 👏👏👏 ! Fantastic guide and great read have never used coco but will attempt this winter. Can't wait to start. Seems relatively easy if managed efficiently. Thank ed and others for the valuable knowledge!
  7. I have 3 plants in COCO and 3 plants in FFOF (5+ gal planters).   My journal is in my sig.  My 3 in COCO are growing much slower than the 3 in FFOF.  I was watering with un ph'd tap water.  1 week ago I ph'd to 6.0  (aquarium test kit - no lower than 6.0).  I am feeding with the Soul Synthetics line.  Since ph'ing, I have gotten better growth, but the soil is still kicking ass.  Please, everybody throw out some ideas I can research. 
    I am thinking of a mycorrhizae "thing" but I need to research it first.  If any COCO folks would like to follow my journal and help make these 3 more successful than the 3 in soil, I would appreciate it greatly.  THANKS! 
  8. This is a really aweaome read. You fully motivated me to do my upcomming grow in coco. I am only wondering hows much fertilizer i need to order. Im going to plant 10 plants in 20gallons pots. I will order the canna coco a+b fertilizer. Plus cal and mag fertilizer. How many liters you think i should order for those 10 plants?

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  9. amazing, Thank you, even 4 years later, Quite helpful!!!
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    I have noticed the same thing in my grow, i have three in ffof and three in coco coir "3 gallon containers" all are the same genetics. I also have noticed the three in coco coir growing a tad slower and they are also not as green/healthy looking as the ones in ffof. I went by the book when preparing coco coir, even used a ec/ppm gauge for flushing salts, adding nutes and checking ph. Everything is balanced so not too sure what to think about coco especially after i read your post.
  11. @[member="rshackleferd"]
    Weird.  Mine are better now.  CoCO is beating soil.  What are yo phing at?  For soil, and coco?  My journal is in my signature.  Come see.

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    I have noticed today "8 days from seedling" the tops are a little greener and healthier, did you also see it catching up with the soil?
  13. Mine are also beating soil, in just two days it went from lagging behind to super green weed. At first they looked starving and sort of light in color compared to the soil babies. They are now greener than ever and growing fast out beating the ones in ffof. I am now a coco coir believer..after this grow im never using costly soil again.
  14. slow down.  a lot can happen.  bigger isn't the only important part.  u never know what happens.  just take perfect care for both mediums until harvest.  there is good and bad about both.  keep an open mind.
  15. What do u guys think of coco in organic soil

  16. COCO is organic too.  It seems it would be good for aeration.  I wouldn't add it in more than a 4 to 1 ratio though.  What do you mean organic?  what would your mix consist of? 
  17. Well i use buildasoil living soil but wanted to use make sum of my own soil but heard peat is way better

  18. Hey wondered if u cud help me with my grow using coco in five plants but ut doesnt dry out the way my other 3 grows have am learning wat I need to know so any advice would be grateful thanks

  19. Hey did u add aeration toit like perlite, hydroton etc? If not ive found it holds water longer so thats why it dosent dry out but once ur plants root real good its hard to over water unless u just water at every urge like i did but just read atleast first 50 pages and really and ask on bro

  20. Hey bud no I havent and havent in my previous crop didnt know to as I said still learnin at mo got sum clay pebbles at bottom of pots for drainage but dnt know if thats same thing

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