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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by TWISTA, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Hello all. I have been asked to leave the site and have been stripped of rep for no real valid reason.
  2. Awwww poor little puppy...
  3. Who asked you to leave?
  4. Thanks.
  5. "budslinger"

  6. He is obviously full of dookie...

    Just sayin...

  7. If you are going to blame someone for an action he takes , you should post more specific details like the reason why you've been asked to leave the site etc.. Otherwise this thread only looks like trolling to me.

  8. I mean no harm here.
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    he has disrepected our members guys..over and over.
    .told them to plant seeds upside down, keeps saying how rep dont matter then cries cause i negged him..
    I told him if he cant be nice to go back to his own site he keeps telling others about..
    I dont know how he got any rep the way he has been..
    Now he is twisting my words...How about I post the pm dood..
    go ahead guys..
    Look at his all this someone we want to allow to treat our members like shit..???

  10. I understand what you are saying but i dont really want to start a fire.
  11. heres some of your ace grow advise..:rolleyes:
    You need to get a grip...what did you think was gonna happen when you fucking Lie about what I said....

  12. Oh so you started a thread that you were well aware would only become a "fire"

    You have lacked any sort of point here so far.... I really dont get it
  13. Sure u do..

    Should start callin u the the trash can man!!

    U looooove startin fires!!
  14. Yo, don't hate on budslinger.

  15. why did you remove your sig saying dont rep me it means nothing to me..


    Troll Fail...:laughing:
  16. You know better than to mess around in Budslinger's Casino..
  17. I am sorry but i will go ahead and protect a person who is doing a lot of good things for Grasscity. I checked the post that you received negative reputation and honestly you deserved that negative rep. If you are going to think you are a very good poster by your reputation power you are greatly mistaken. Please note that reputation , number of likes etc.. don't mean anything. Grasscity has rules and you have to show respect to every other member. Seems to me you just want to enter a pissing contest.

    Additionally if you were not planning to start a fire why did you create this thread.
  18. telling ppl to the wrong info!? What a F'N Shitter, man. Why try to sabotage someones grow like that? That should be ban worthy. :laughing:

  19. It looks better and more friendly as you advised. Why must you keep swearing at me ?.
    It seems you are trolling me after calling me a troll.
  20. I think you should leave this website
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