ASk me anything (drunk)

Discussion in 'General' started by Androgenicx, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I am what I am and have no fears posting who I am.

    Asking absolutely fucking anything for an honest response

    PS. Black label society fuckin rocks
  2. Can I ask you how you live your life (long) ?
  3. why? just, why? WHY?!? I MUST KNOW!!!
  4. lmao, i take it youve already read that post :wave:
  5. Why what bud?
  6. What's your full name? Social Security #? Credit Card #??

    You said you'd answer honestly...
  7. lmao, don't have an SSN yet because im in the USA on a dependent visa. Not ashamed of the rest of it but its just silly to post it up here. First name is Nitaant

    Quite an opportunist stoner chick eh. I like ;)
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    lol girl..i was thinking along them lines as :laughing:

    do you believe they put a man on the moon?

    * is stuck in my head outta no where*:rolleyes:
  9. Who is 'they'?

  10. just playin'. i like to do that whenever someone comes up with a question thread.
  11. my answer is:

    Because it is
  12. Trying to get your game on over the internet, huh? Sorry to let you down, but your e-penis is too small:eek:
  13. By the way, it's pretty lame you had to (state you were drunk in the title like this).

  14. aww, thought i was sportin long enough

    so be it
  15. Why am I so ugly?

    WHY?! ;_;
  16. you havent heard that song??!!:eek:

    well..i guess if your not from the us youre excused...
    its a r.e.m. song called man on the moon

    randomness that is skittles:rolleyes: u think that 8 ferrets is too many??:p
  17. you are who you are
  18. never too many, i fcukin love ferrets
  19. good! nice to keep getting validation for my addiction to the lil fuckers...and yes..i DO have 8 ferrets...
  20. what's the easist way to mack bitches

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