ask her out?

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ask her out

  1. go for it

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  2. no dont friendship is worth more

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  1. alright so i\'ve known this girl michelle since middle school, we\'ve been best friends since, my initial intent talking to her was to ask her out but i never got around to it and we\'ve had some space put here in there these past years but the fact is i love this girl now and i dont know what to do.. at first i told myself not to ask her out because i didnt want to ruin the friendship but that was just denial i was afriad of the NO and the awkwardness afterwards....and i\'ve realized i can contribute alot of my smoking to her and just disliking our situation sometimes and im think i\'ve finally been pushed far enough to ask her and get it over with to move on about my life and not dwell on it. its not healthy anymore. if u need more info just ask me im sure i\'ve left alot here to be answered but should i ask her or not ladies leave your input please im quite loveable once u get passed my spelling and get to know me

    also i dont want to sit here as the bestfriend anymore it hurts too much we shield each other from our relationships with other people because im sure we like each other atleast thats why i do it
  2. Having a good friend is important, but it\'s pointless to just try to shut off your feelings towards her if you have \'em.

    And no offense, but you sound like a fairly young guy. (Don\'t tell me the specifics if you\'re in fact under 18. You\'ll get banned.) But when you\'re young, dating isn\'t a \"this is the one!\" kind of thing. Dating when you\'re young is figuring out what the hell you want in a relationship, as well as having some fun.

    If you want to date her, ask her out. Don\'t worry so much about the potential risks of losing your friendship as much as what YOU want. Believe me, I\'m the type of guy to do the opposite of that advice, and it\'s done nothing but made me regret.

    GO FOR IT.
  3. I had times like that when I was younger, you\'ll get over it, you\'ll learn that alot of relationships are bullshit anyways, alot of cheating going on. But hey man, hopefully you\'re like a senior in HS if you\'re saying this (cause you\'ve known her since MS)... i dunno man, i need to smoke, so im gunna, i have no idea what I just said, but ask her out, whats the worst that could happen? She says \"No\" and you move on.
  4. ask her. How else are you guys going to have sex?
  5. Lol, blocko, you crack me up... anyways, i had the same problem...the same EXACT problem. This is what you do...dont wait any longer to tell her, just confront her and be str8 about it, dont beat around the bush. Say this is how i feel...blah blah blah...I want to take it to the next level...blah blah blah...would you consider a date sometime. Thats all. Oh...and never go to a movie for a date, cuz you cant talk at all, and thats the point of dating, getting to know each other.

  6. we see movies all the time together and shit, and we alreadu know just about everything about each other but i\'ll keep that in mind i\'ll take her to my house in the country about 30min out from here and look at the stars, i think i just might do that <
    but yea guys thnx for the help its been killin me for a while and im ready to get it over with next time i see her :) toke on boys and girls....and as for my age im deff old enough :)
  7. i had the same problem as you reign. knew the girl since Middle School, we were like best friends. I asked her out my Sophmore year and she said no, she told me it would be weird because i\'m like her brother. so i was bummed for a while, then i just got high. but she called me that night and asked me out. guess she just needed to think about it.

    then there was this other girl i met about a year ago. she was in my core classes, and i thought she was really hot, and would probably never talk to me. i also probably seemed immature to her smart mouthing the teacher. she seemed pretty smart, like she wanted to pay attention... without my remarks. i ended up in a group with her, and we hit it off pretty well, we were flirting a lot. and i kept thinking \"why is this girl talking to me? shes beautiful!\" and after talking to her for a while i got her # and pretty soon we were hangin out a lot. then pot came up...she smoked more than i did! fucking awesome! so we started smokin together, and we were pretty close by then. she was at my house all the time. and over spring break we got soo high we couldnt get up, so we talked. and she asked me something i thought i would never hear \"when are you gonna fucking ask me out?!?\" so i did, and we r still going out today. shes amazing...

    well, sorry i rambled so long, i just fel i had something to say, and i tend to ramble when im high.

  8. If you pop her, make her call you blocko.
  9. I would say do it. I was once you in that same exact position but then i grew some balls and decided to make that girl the happiest girl on earth, thats because im with her....
    just do it. Me and her were bestfriends since 8th grade then we sorta grew apart but then i asked her out in my junior year of high school and we\"ve been together ever since. Best move i ever made.

  11. well????? did u see her yet? c\'mon don\'t keep us hangin! :p
    toke on :smoke:
  12. haha sry about that lovah she actually is on a trip right now she comes back in a week we\'ll have our talk then and if it goes well i\'ll reply on this post and if it doesnt you\'ll see a whole new post with a sad face :(
  13. so the question arrose and it was that she didnt know because she didnt want to ruin the friendship and she\'s just not ready yet, she said she would but she cant but hey im unhappy how are you?

  14. hmm what i ment was IM unhappy how are you, she didnt say that exactly say that though i know she\'s torn on the inside but now she knows how i\'ve felt for a while
  15. It\'s a crazy thing about love, you think you\'ve found the one, and it turns out she\'s actually a\'s alright though man; somthin better always seems to come along......

    Blocko...your sig could not be more perfect..They are all blocktastic, I don\'t know how you do it!

  16. Ivee seen a lot of threads asking this Q.
    I think I posted 70% of them
    DO IT.
    dont think.
    stop being the vicitm.
    and do it.
    whatever it may be.
    I suggest, do it nice, and *always* have a joint. :)
  17. well give it time man. gope all goes well for ya! G/L!!!!!
    toke on :smoke:

  18. im afraid she may be one of the main reasons i smoke just to forget sometimes helps so much, and i started smoking in the middle of highschool because of her, she did it so i did it to piss her off and to try and forget about my probs with her... and it seams to work for those nights i smoke still ;)

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