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  1. Where do you guys put the ash from your bowls when smoking inside?
  2. I just dump it into a zip lock bag, lol
  3. put it in the toilet.......or trash.
  4. Bin? Ashtray? Blow out the window?
  5. when i cash a bowl i either just blow it into the wastebasket, sink, toilet, out a window, or on my carpet and just stomp on it... :smoking:
  6. [ame=""]YouTube - recycle an (empty) can to an ashtray[/ame]
  7. tap it out on my pants and rub it in.
  8. Ashtray
    Blow it into the air
    In a bottle
    Out the window
    Into the bong when i rip it
    Onto something i can use to place it in the bin later

    Use your imagination.
  9. drop it on the carpet and smoosh it a little
  10. blow it out of the bowl and onto the floor, then vacuum it up 2 weeks later...
  11. I'd go with the toilet. It's fast, it's simple, a three year old can flush a commode, and it rids yourself of evidence. Smushing it in the carpet can lead to smells, throwing it in the trash can lead to trouble if you live with snoopy parents, so...TOILET FTW!

    The Genius

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