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Ash to ash...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by IowaPotHead, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. What is all this talk about turning your weed to ashes?
  2. I have no idea! Obviously they use teleportation to make it disappear and make it re-appear as ash! How profoundly odd! :D
  3. it's magic. don't question it.
  4. If you're serious they are talking about cashing the bowl. (Smoking to nothing but ash) If not. Then It's magic.
  5. hmmm.. why on earth would anyone ever want to turn weed into ashes.. hmmm... :D
  6. actually i just found a way to turn ashes to weed!!

    ask me how.
  7. adambc, how do u turn ashes into weed?;)
  8. throw it in your plants pot (the one where it grows) and make the soil real fertile. Or you could take some creamated ashes, throw that in the dirt, and get this mad ghosty guy when you smoke up tell you all the answers so you get into Harvard
  9. Turning weed to ashes right now ;)

  10. If you could have a mad ghostly guy why would you have him tell you how to get in to harvard? There are better things...believe me its not that great....actually it is ;)

  11. It was more of a reference to How High. I could care less about harvard. Cept i live sorta near it, and MIT

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