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Ash in your mouth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420smoker87, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. You know what I hate? When I tell someone "be careful, its close to done" and they rip that bowl as hard as they can and get a mouth full of ash, then bitch to me about it. If you've got such a problem with ash in your mouth, hit it lightly. Its not that hard. Every once in a while, maybe once a year, I'll get ash in my mouth, but I hit the pipe in such a way that it all lands on the tip of my tongue where I can easily wipe it off. Some people, usually the people that hate getting ash in their mouth, manage to suck the bowl through every single session.
    I knew this chick that hit the pipe so hard she got a chunk of burning resin stuck in the back of her throat. I laughed. Hard.
    I also hate people who refuse to take ANY ass hit, even an ass bong hit. Yeah it tastes bad, we all gotta hit the ass when it comes to us. No, I dont want you just dumping it out there is still a hit there and its my weed I don't want to waste it. So what if it tastes bad get over yourself. I'm not going to take the hit because I took the last nasty hit, its your turn. Take the ass hit or you're out of the next session. I'm an ass like that.
  2. sounds like you either need to get a new smoking group or you need to smoke alone more
  3. i wish i had a bowl that did that..
    lol that shit would be hilarious.
    but seriously, just get a screen if you're tired of hearing people bitch
  4. This or a pipe with a smaller hole in the bowl, or a bong...
  5. For this reason, I refuse to pack a pipe without a screen of some sort in it, weather it is a pebble or a screen, I want to smoke 100% of my weed, and have none of it fall through.
  6. Using the bong is my favorite approach. Screens always get clogged up and I dunno it seems like when I have a screen in my pipe it pulls the flame around the weed instead of through it. Hard to explain but yeah I don't like screens unless I'm smoking resin or using this pipe I got that someone tried to scrape and made the hole HUGE in it.
  7. Haha nice .gif sometimes thats what I think I should do to people.
    Maybe they should make a bitch form for all my rants.
  8. I always hit the piece as hard as I can. I don't care if I get ash in my mouth - that's part of smoking.
  9. pipes suck...bong it out bro and ull b happy in the long run..

    but i do agree .w the ass one wants to take it but hey its weed,its part of smoking,suck it up....
  10. My thoughts exactly.
    At least you take it like a man. If it doesn't bother you then hit it as hard as you want. It doesn't bother me either that's what spitting is for. I'm just good at not getting it in my mouth, maybe I have good reflexes and stop inhaling the second it pulls through. But when it happens, as it always will, don't be a puss and shout "eww nasty" and start freaking out. Drink some water or something and stop yelling in my ear.
    And just so you know, other people don't bother me as much as I probably make it sound, just a pet peeve of mine.
  11. i only bitch about ash when im sober.. tell em to just smoke more?.. but ash... does indeed suck...isnt there a term for that? or is it just my retared friends? like "sooby snack" or something? or astronaut turds OMG! i wanna call it ash astronaut turds...
  12. I've heard some strange terms. Scooby snacks can mean getting ash in your mouth, however, a friend of mine used that term to talk about some "keif hash" which was just pressed keif but still good stuff. Umm what else? Pooshwag is another term for when the bowl is nothing but ash. "Cashed" is another word.

    You know what else grinds my gears? People that "do" weed. Or non smokers that say they don't "do" weed. You don't do weed. You smoke weed. Or eat weed. You do drugs.
    Weed is my anti-drug.
  13. haha if im hitting a shitty pipe that pulls ash through i usually just use my undershirt to filter at the mouth. but i do have little burn circles on almost all my undershirts haha.
  14. Getting ash in your mouth is definitely not part of smoking, thats disgusting and it never happens to me.

    And if someone insisted I hit the ass because they hit it last time then I'll smoke the next bowl to the dome out of my own stash.

    Whats with the stoner rules, I don't blame anyone for not wanting to hit the last gross ass hit of weed, go for it if thats your thing.
  15. I have a friend who always manages to get scoobs (it's what we call the ash). I tell him "dude, it's close to done" and he'll just suck it down. You can HEAR the air whistle through the bowl, it's like dude, what the fuck!! And he doesn't understand that he can put his tongue near the front of the bowl to block ash. Guh what a fucking idiot.....
  16. #17 420smoker87, Sep 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2009
    Yeah I've got some friends that do that they always have burn holes in their shirts but its better than ass in your mouth.

    Its not necessarily who hit the ass the last time, its whoever ends up with the ass in the rotation. And if you've got your own weed, then feel free to dump that ass hit out and pack up another bowl and hit it. Its your weed. I'm just used to being the only one with weed so people gotta play by my rules.
    I just don't like it when I've hardly got any weed, I'm being nice enough to share, and people waste it by dumping out the bowl halfway through because it starts tasting bad.
    That and when people take fat rips then blow it out immediately(again, my weed, your weed your call), at least hold it in for 5 seconds or so don't blow that shit out like its poison.

    Too bad I can't change the name of the thread to "My Bitchfest"

    edit: If I was growing or rich and had pounds lying around, I wouldn't take ass hits either. I'm just consistently low on funds. I don't people trying to act spoiled when they are hitting my limited supply. Don't get me wrong though I'm all about spreading the wealth around even if I've only got a tiny amount left I'll share. But respect the fact that there is not a lot to go around so be conservative.
  17. im gonna have to agree with steve
  18. Nah I don't need to change my group I'm just in a riled up mood because I haven't smoked in a couple weeks. If I was baked right now I wouldn't be thinking about these things, but I've been on this board constantly for the last week, torturing myself with all these pretty weed pictures when I'm dry.
  19. Scooby snacks are not on my menu

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