ash catcher and carbon filter

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  1. i just purchased a blaze glass 11 arm ash catcher and a blackleaf carbon filter. im pretty sure im able to use both on my bong but im not sure if the ashcatcher should go on my bong first and then the carbon filter on the ashcatcher or vice versa. For the carbon filter. how long should i wash the carbon? how often should i replace the carbon in carbon adapter?:confused::confused::confused:
  2. post pics of them, you bought the right sizes right? you should have the carbon filter first, then the a/c, then the bong. that way your a/c stays uber clean cuz there a bitch to get thick res out.

    ps; i think carbon gets replaced like eveery few months, you can buy large bags of activated carbon for cheap
  3. Put in ac, put in filter, put in packed slide, put in flame.
  4. Nice thanks guys I ordered it on the 27th so it will be here in a couple days I've heard gc sometimes ships pretty fast. Ill post pics wen I get a chance. Anyone have suggestions on how to often I need to clean or replace carbon. I can pretty much just purchase the AC from a pet store and it will work right?

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