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  2. Hope it is noting more than irritation, but hope it scares ya bad enough to quit:eek:

    I know that sounds messed up, but I've been dippin' 42 freakin' years and am still trying to quit:(
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    Sorry for my ignorance but What is "dippin" and snuff?
  4. Yeah it definitely did.

    Only 2 people in my family has had cancer. My dads great grandad had skin cancer and my moms grandma had lung cancer so hopefully I'm not at a huge risk.
  5. that lame ass tobacco pouch that you put in your mouth lol

  6. Gross...You should probably go to a doctor dude...
  7. i feel like my mouth is rotting just from candy and occasionally forgetting to brush.
  8. I believe that is called leukoplakia (sp?) and it IS a warning sign for cancer.

  9. Chill out homeboy. You need to go to Wal-Mart or GNC and get some L-Lysine. Take it for a few days and lay off on the dip - this has happened to me before, you don't need to be in freak out mode because it's extremely likely that you just have an irritation. Matter of fact it's happened to me on more than one occasion.
  10. that almost sounds like cold sores...
  11. try and relax, if it's cancer then it's cancer, if it isnt then it isnt. i have many white bumps on the back of my tongue, and i have never used tobacco in any form. and please quit, i know it is hard, but if you dont have the cancer and you keep doing it, you will probably get cancer.
  12. I have quit. It's not that hard to quit when you're scared as fuck of cancer.
  13. Gum Disease bro. We all get it sooner or later. Can you blow smoke through the 'hole'? if you can i suggest going to the doctor lol. you most likely wont die from mouth cancer, you will just look reallllllly weird after they cut half of your face off.:devious:
  14. hehe i only brush my teeth like 3 times a month maybe. iuno, maybe i should do it everyday.. i dont wanna end up like my dad at 52 with like 5 teeth left, that are chipped to shit.. hmm.
  15. No that's Snus, but it's still lame. Snuff is just finely milled tobacco. You're not technically supposed to dip it, but snort it (hence snuff). You can still dip it, but long cut is much better to chew. I've been chewing for about 3 years since I was 17, and I worry about mouth cancer every day of my life. :( Just so hard to quit; I'd probably go postal if I did with the shit I deal with on a day to day basis.
  16. Sup Mouth Cancer Boi?
  17. ^this
  18. stop dipping just smoke cigs man and then you only have to worry about cancer when you're 40-50...instead of sticking bach inbetween your tongue and letting it sit and rot your mouth out
  19. ive been in that same boat as you bro, it's the worst feeling when you think
    you have cancer. i was scared out of my mind but it turned out to be nothing,
    yours is most likely nothing too. dip is bad for you just quit, thats what i did
  20. your not ready to have half your face cut off? your 18, of course your ready!
    if your 45 your gonna look like shit with a full face, let alone half a face, half of your young 18 year old face has got to be better than a whole 45 year old face.

    i've got a brother down in florida that will do it for about 500, hes not really my brother, but thats another story, fuck the doctors man i'll get him to do it, he cuts metal girders for a living, but all that shits the same, 250 upfront and 250 when the jobs done, full face is a grand.

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