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As of right now... WHO IS STONED?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brother Cannabis, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. What's up guys I'm heavily sedated on this awesome friday night. Anybody else intoxicatingly stoned? :hippie:

  2. Me. Just used my dugout that I got tonight after work. My wife and I smoked with it. She fell asleep and I watched tv. When I took the dog out I brought my new toy with me for 3 more hits.. feelin lovely.
  3. I am, and i'll be smokinng another two bong packs before KO. Great night haha. :3
  4. Smoked about 2 bowls worth in a vaporizer. Grinding up the weed for round 2. :hello:  :hello:  :hello:
  5. Train wreck joint followed by a bowl of Green Crack ~.~ lifes gewd, gonna pack the bong up soon.
  6. Last of my Jesus OG before I go and get something else tomorrow. Very stoned
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    I'm floating reeeal happy right now... On "Sweet Water".
  8. Got some good stuff off my guy, the last three nights have been the highest iv ever been.  
  9.  feelin pretty mellow :hippie:

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  10. Feeling. Cosmic with grand daddy purple smoke

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  11. High asf

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  12. So fucking high right now
    i'm pretending i'm at a concert and it's a good fucking time holy shit
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    Really smooth one-hitter buzz right now... Beautiful, like enjoying a fine wine overlooking the Riviera.
  14. VERY BAKED  - _A._T._M._-    I smoked half of a 3 gram blunt i rolled with a natural tobaco leaf AND DAYUUMMM IM STONEDDDD IM bout TO GO SMOKE THE OTHER HALF!! :D ill report back after i smoke it to let y'all know how baked i am then.   :smoking:   :bongin:   :smoking:   :bongin:   :smoking:   
  15. I've got the house to myself and I'v smoked seven bowls in the past 2 hours. So...I'm barely able to type right now.  :hello:  :smoking:
    Greened out.
  17. Just got home from Sushi Palace. God damn the all you can eat buffet there is beatiful. Smoked about 4 bowls with a couple of friends. Feeling prettyyy good
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  18. -----_____----- huuuuuuuuuuuuhh?Kottonmouth Kings
  19. Starting a sesh now

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