As I sit here nodding...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Madmike420, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking I got mad love for the box! It has taught that moderation is a great thing, all the stories of withdrawls, the slow climb from percs, to, OCs, to, H!

    I only nod about once a month maybe twice if something really fun comes along and i want something a little more then just bud (I barley drink)!

    So thank you Pandora's box for teaching me moderation and showing me the dangers that can come from addiction!

    PS Now I know, and knowing is half the battle!
  2. thats my motto in life. in moderation. madmike take it easy, and stick to what your doin cause tolerance is a great thing
  3. Because knowledge is power!
  4. I understand where you are coming from, however it is really quite sad =(.

    As I sat there noddin', a few days ago, I started getting depressed @ the opiate appreciation thread.

  5. It is sad reading about people abusing opiates, but it has shown me what it can lead to!
  6. Good work man.

    I've talked about this with swish, and D. It really gets me depressed when I read through the thread. I see people coming in, asking how to do a couple vics or something. Then BAM, 4 months later they're doing oxy every day.
  7. Hey, I found Barnkis.

    I dont even visit the opiate appreciation thread unless I want to relapse.
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    I just picked up 2 roxy 30s maybe ill join you on cloud9 tonight :cool:
  9. haha i used to go in that thread all the time..

    i just checked it for the first time in like 4-5 days. It is Sad. REALLY sad. Its the cycle, constantly repeating itself. Takin newbs and spittin them out junkies
  10. But its kinda funny because way back in the thread swisher called it and thats what it became. Damn.
  11. oh mos. def. Most of the heads that used to be in there arent anymore though. Just a month or two ago the place was chill, seems like its gradually losing its appeal.
  12. Yeah man. Sup codone?

    Just checkin in guys, ill post more on the weekend.
  13. Nodding again.....Still got love for the box!
  14. You're welcome. Now when you think about doing uppers come visit my current/future threads.

    Glad some people here learn from the others mistakes. I've only been here a little and already sensing the community this is.
  15. Its crazy that that thread has 113,501 views.
  16. If the box has taught me anything, it is that moderation is key!

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