As Above, So Below.

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    Check this crazy shit out! This is Phi; kind of the natural mathematical formula that all life has to take. I'm not a mathematician so I cant explain it well but I can show pictures!

    Here is what Phi looks like drawn out:

    Here is nature following the formula:

    Check out a picture of the galaxy! Crazy!
  2. [ame=]‪The Fibonacci in Lateralus‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  3. lol i was gonna post that song mushroom.

    But yea, the Fib sequence is pretty much everywhere lol
  4. your avatar.

  5. lol yea, didnt even realize that....

    my avatar is an anomaly.. no one gets it, and im not sure how it happened... but its me, leaning over my laptop in a crazy tiedye shirt, and somehow it took a picture of it, inverted.... i leaned back over and sat down, and that was just on my screen.... fuckin epic
  6. There's a LOT of information to pay attention to here, but expect a mindgasm:

    [ame=]‪Spirit Science 10 - Math of God‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  7. idk if this is "phi" but it looks similar.
    I used to LOVE this picture back in my tripping daze

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    Which one came first, the formula, or the shell?


    It is amazing to see how the shell and the galaxy are constructed with same formula.

    But it's also amazing how the humans even came up with such formula!
  9. I've been thinking about this the past couple days and because a galaxy follows the Fib sequence I believe galaxies are alive - at a minimum at the plant level.

    Non alive things dont need to follow the Fibonacci sequence. Masses of energy - air, water and fire do not swirl in the Fib sequence. Things are grown from the fibonacci sequence.

    And then today I found this... scientists think they have found bruising on the universe:
    The multiverse theory (or one of them, anyway) suggests that just outside of our universe, other universes are appearing and disappearing, each in their own bubble of space-time. Generally, these universes don't get close enough to interact, but sometimes a universe will appear right next to ours, and when that happens, we get smacked.

    Getting smacked by an entire universe would definitely leave a mark. Specifically, it would leave a disk-like pattern in our universe's cosmic microwave background radiation, and this is what a group of cosmologists from University College London have been looking for. Somewhat incredibly, they managed to find some of these bruises. Four of them. And it's ten times more likely that the four marks are universe collision signatures than that they are anything else that we know of.
    Our universe may show bruises from smacking four other universes | DVICE
  10. This is how the natural world can be explained mathematically.

    Welcome to physics!

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