as a kid?

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  1. were you a kid that like to spin around to get dizzy for fun?
  2. I was the kind of kid that would tell the dizzy kid where to run
  3. Hell yes.
  4. It gave me the bed-spins, but I did it anyways. Until I discovered alchohol at least.
  5. I loved windmilling (not the breakdance), you know, spinning your head in circles like deathmetal singers...
  6. well im wondering if it was our own way of getting fucked up as kids. idk im high
  7. It definitely was for me. I used to spin around to get real dizzy and then pretend I was drunk.

    I have a genetic predisposition, or so they tell me.
  8. I loved doing it,I would stand in the living room and just spin and spin and spin:hello:.Look at the ceiling midway through,its great.
  9. HELL YEA. but now it makes me feel like shit for like 30 minutes... so i dont do it.
  10. i was just thinking that... and then i read that you were too.
    im pretty sure it was.
  11. I used to do that until I started to get older and realized that my body had limits. I thought I broke my neck headbanging :(

    i could never walk. we got really dizzy.
  13. i seriously used to go in my front yard or living room in my old house and do that ALL the time. then i realized how fun it was to spin around and race like that.
  14. yeah and then lay down on the floor and watch the room spin haha

  15. hahah yeeessss.

    My linolineam kitchten floor + socks = spinnnings like 2400's nd shit sonnnnn:hello:


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