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  1. Well, I've been bouncing the idea around for a while now. I'm still undecided about if I even want to go to college at all but if I do go, I couldn't see myself going anywhere but an art school. Has anyone here ever gone? It's almost not an option for me due to money issues, etc, but I feel like I could try to get scholarships and such. Or SOMETHING if I was really dead set on going. Now, I'm not asking anyone to make up my mind for me but, it would help if anyone who's gone could tell me where they went, if it was worth while, major, etc. I'm also wondering about job opportunities after graduation? Please and thank you for any info. :)
  2. Art school is fucking awesome.

    But it's not exactly any easier then a "regular" school.

    I go to Columbia College downtown Chicago, 3rd year, let me tell ya, it's tough...your first few years or semesters are easy, basic classes, simple drawing and computer labs, then, shit starts to get tougher, it sort of has too though, to weed out those who dont have the drive or willpower needed to finish.

    But if you have some basic artistic talent, there is nothing quite like getting good grades doing shit that you love, stuff you would probably be doing on your own in your spare you can sharpen your skills, learn some new ones, and hopefully someday people will pay you for the fruit of of your artistic efforts.

    Just my thought...:)
  3. Just letting you know, that if you want to make it in the world as an artist, you have to be REALLY good. There is no room for mediocrity.

    I wanted to go to major in art, but I feel that I'm simply not good enough of an artist, and I'd be better off just keeping it as a hobby. There are other majors out there that suit me well, and that I could do better in doing it as a career.

    Also, if you want to go to college, just about anyone nowadays can do it. Look into student loans (which you don't have to pay back until you're out of school), scholarships, grants, and such. There are options for people who can't afford it. Visit some schools, talk to some financial aid counselors at those schools, and maybe if you're still in high school (but you're obviously 18, right? =D), talk to your guidance counselor. They will be able to help you tremendously with showing you ways on how to afford college.
  4. my brother just started at the Illinois institute of Art in chicago, majoring in graphic design or something.

    Im at community college taking business administration classes. yawn. I honestly havnt looked into to many prospective careers that I could get w. this degree (my 2years at community college will transfer to a 4year school) Im thinkin its kind of a vague cirriculum that can be applied just about everywhere across the board.

    Hopefully ill be getting into an internship program, which will hopefully secure me a job to help raise $$ before transferring.

    but ya, CAT HQ put my area on the map, so i figure once i get my 2-yr ill start applying, if it doesnt work out ill return with my 4-yr. If CAT is a no go, State farm Ins. HQ is alittle farther drive.

    or maybe I could snag a managerial job at pizza hut (worst case scenario har har)
  5. I went to the Ringling School of Art and Design for a semester 2 years ago.

    in 2 words, it sucked.

    if your an artist and you like experiementation and trying new things to break outside of the field, its very hard to survive in art school. while the school i went to itself was good, the way that they tried to develop the students into artistic clones of one another really bothered me, so i left. i didnt enjoy one minute at the school and i decided that although i still wanted to pursue art as a career, i would instead do it at Indiana University because it has a much more diverse environment, and the arts program is far more diverse and open to students kind of going with what they want to do as an artist, not what the school wants you to be.

    just my 2 cents on the issue. id never go back to art school until im ready to pursue my masters in another 3 years.
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone. It seems like art schools something you either love or hate? I go back to school tomorrow (yes, I'm of age to be here :p) and I will definitely talk to my counselor sometime. I'm taking a portfolio class this year, just in case I do decide to go. I've tried to take every art class that my high school offers (not that there's many...) trying to get better. I've definitely improved a lot. Even in just a year. I am worried about maybe if it gets hard I'd want to give up, but I'm really starting to want to give it a shot. Thanks again everyone.
  7. good call on the portfolio class. if i had the option for that, it would have helped me out so much.

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