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    Any1 here smoke pipe tobacco? I took up the hobby about a year ago and im 19 now, I find it really nice and relaxing bu its definitely a rare thing to see for my age group i think , let alone just in general. I think the tobacco tastes better than any other way of smoking, cigarettes aren't even in same ballpark , tastes like shit in my opinion.

    What are your guys opinions of pipe tobacco smoking? Any1 actually smoke pipe tobacco? whats your favorite tobacco if you do
  2. Recently tried to quit smoking cigs-lasted a few days. I decided I should at least try something different, took up pipe smoking (I used to smoke a bowl or two when I was in a good mood, usually when I was on percs), and have loved it ever since. I smoke Captain Black, love that shit.
  3. I smoke pipe tobacco but i make cigarettes with it. Cigarette tobacco costs 23 bucks for 6oz's now where it used to be 12, and pipe tobacco is in a different tax class so I get 6oz's for around 6 bucks, can't beat the total price of 8 dollars for around 7-8 packs of cigs depending on how tight/loose you inject your cigarettes.
  4. Nice ive never smoked smoked captain black , thats like store brand pipe tobacco right? I get mixed reviews about it ranging from its really cheap and nasty to its great, but cant really argue with tobaccos. You like what you like.

  5. 6 ounces for 6 bucks fuck , thats some cheap ass tobacco lol , hows it smoke ? pipe tobacco isnt made for being rolled, but id imagine it should taste better than cig tobacco. i usually pay around 6 - 8 bucks per 2 oz bag where i buy my tobacco for the local blended stuff
  6. Yea Captain Black is great for some and terrible for others-different strokes for different folks I guess. Sometimes if I have $ left over from my weekly "drug money" rationing, I'll treat myself to a few oz. of smoke shop blends-I dig that shit.

    And I've heard of some people rolling pipe tobacco into cigs-some fiends must love smoking paper. I prefer freebase nicotine. But yeah the whole ritual of pipe smoking is really cool, I'm getting into that whole culture. :)
  7. I'm not into smoking tobacco just unfiltered it's too rough on the throat. What I'd really like to do is start smoking shisha, now that's delicious.

    And the cheap pipe tobacco tastes basically the same as cigarette tobacco just alot cheaper
  8. Ive only smoked pipe tobacco a few times but I like it a lot. I smoked peaches and cream flavor recently and it was pretty good.
  9. Peaches and cream tobacco sounds really good right now, regardless tobacco is several fold better after a bowl of some good greens ny day

    Packing a pipe with my trusty Frogmorton, good mix of Virginia, Latakia, and oriental tobaccos, recommend every1 to try it if you ever consider pipe tobaccos
  10. I would love to take up pipe smoking but... I'm not digging the health hazards, any other plants (besides weed :smoking:) that I could puff on?
  11. salvia? lol , but your missing out bro pipe tobacco tastes good :p
  12. My bf smokes pipe tobacco when relaxing. It's kind of funny, I can't stand cigs or cigars, but I love the smell of pipe tobacco. His favorites are Pirate's Den & Buccaneer.

  13. Yea pipe tobacco smells pleasant, its nice to be able to smoke my pipe around my smoke buddies since they enjoy the smell contrary to cigs or when i smoke a cigar around them

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