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Arsenal of smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by armouredturtle, May 8, 2006.

  1. Tell me your collection of smoking devices, how old they are, where did you get them, ect.:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:Before you knock it try it first, and youll see its a blessing and not a curse:hello::hello::hello::smoking::smoking:
  2. Here is my crew, it's small, but meh.


    Not Pictured: A Wooden Dugout System with a Wizard carved into the box. It's cool looking.

    My Spoon, the story can be found here:

    My Bubbler I just picked up today. Goin through the local headshop just for kicks when I found this new bubbler. It just looked tooooo sexy to pass up. The picture does not do it justice. But, I'm takin a break so I can't tell how it hits. We'll see
  3. That's still my favorite spoon ever. :cool: So badass. :)

    Name it, "Angus"! :smoking:
  4. I have a bubbler, an 8 inch bong (a lil mini but still hits like a bastard), one of those little auto-packing one hitters with the wood case that looks like a cigarette, and a vaporizer the "cannon" style.
  5. I have a one foot glass bong w/ diffusor and ice notches, local glass. $130

    I have two glass blunts, locally blown as well, $25 each.

    I have a good size spoon too that was $35.

    I also love my wooden dug-out that was $15.

    There's also an assortment of homemade bongs and one-hitters. Free.

    A mini 3" spoon for $5.

    Sidecar Bubbler blue/greenish thing goin' on. $100-$150

    Aaand I think that's all of them... I probably missed a couple but whatever.
  6. lets see, i have a 18'' ccg bong $110
    a 12'' acrylic bong $35
    a smaller waterpipe, acrylic $27
    random hitters from $6-$12
    a nice 4 hose hooka, glass, $160
    and my not broken 1st pipe, which is somewhere on a highway!? was $42. (RIP green goblin)

    lookin to get an new pipe, and a bub or hammer
  7. me my devices are all gone because there blunt wraps and i smoked them all
  8. can anyone help me out with what a glass blunt is? PM me.
  9. A chillum? Or something else that I don't know of.
  10. [​IMG]
    2ft ROOR perc
    1ft Intrepid glass bong
    both bongs are diffused
    Headdie dry sherlcok
    Headdie dry hammer
    3 spoons
  11. 10 Inch Bong (Blues Baby)
    4 Inch glass pipe (The Historian)
    8 Inch Twister Pipe (Crazy Train)
    5 Inch Corn Cob Pipe that I will soon retrofit to a peace pipe with a long stem (No name)

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