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Arrogant know it all "genius" friend says you can get high off eating weed (buds)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr Ranger Smith, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. What's up guys.

    I have a friend who is really arrogant, thinks he is a superior human being to everyone, and whenever we hang out, he just goes on and on talking about science and research and how he knows so much about the human mind and stuff.

    Anyway, he told me he used to do a lot of drugs in high school, and he started talking about weed. He was being a dumbass and told me "If you ever get pulled over, the best place to hide the weed is in a locking glove compartment".

    And I was like "No, the best thing to do is to swallow it if it's only a few grams".

    He was like "That's not a good idea because you'll get really high." I said "No you won't, THC is fat soluable, it needs to be cooked into an oil to be absorbed in your body."

    And he said "No it isn't. You can just eat the buds and get really high. Also, if you just rub the weed on your skin for long enough, it can be absorbed that way."

    He was being completely serious, is he a dumbass.
  2. i would just bust out laughing if someone told me that. eating weed definitely for a fact doesnt get you high. and rubbing weed on your skin to get high?? ROFL wtf is he thinking?
  3. I bet he loves that placebo high.
  4. I call it trans-dermal friction hash :smoke:
  5. Well it doesn't have to be cooked. Fire crackers still work without cookin, but yeeeeee he's wrong and you're right.
  6. Your friend is a dumbass. Everything he said is wrong.
  7. Although I agree with his glovebox comment, he is a tard for saying it will get you super high.
  8. It has to be decarboxylized before it can even be absorbed by the fats and oils so it will be active orally.

    See: firecrackers.

  9. wroooooooong, I've made countless firecrackers without decarbing, just letting it absorb, ive also made green dragon without decarbing and its worked wonders, both of which sent me into space an hour after consuming. Yes it helps but it isn't absolutely necessary.
  10. I dare any of you guys to swallow 5 grams of weed. You'll get really fucked up, but in a situation that involves cops on any way I would definitely eat the weed, I rather get charges for being intoxicated instead of possession.
  11. I'd rather exercise my rights and avoid an unlawful search, therefore keeping my weed.
  12. There has not been any studies conducted so you too are being arrogant saying he cannot get high off raw nugs, he is arrogant claiming you can and you are arrogant claiming you can't. Unless you try it.

  13. Calm down Chachi, not everyone let's their bud absorb into firecrackers, that's pretty rare. Yeah it's not necessary, but it metabolizes it from THC-COOH and removes the acid group, making it easier to digest as a process is skipped. It's the same concept as shrooms and citric acid turning psilocybin into psilocin, which is what your body does naturally. It hits you stronger but less timely, as you skip a metabolic step.

  14. Yes and wait for that K9 to come over, false signal and then turn all your car apart looking for the drugs you tried to hide.

    And yes, you CAN get high from raw weed, you will be getting only a little high though, like barely high from a chunk of good hash.
  15. well ive eaten it before and you don't get high. only way you can eat bud and get high is if its ABV

  16. Just tired of people saying decarbing is absolutely necessary.
  17. Oh yea, I forgot that cops always have k9's and search every car. Oh wait thats right, they don't. Been pulled over plenty of times with bud, and unless you throw your shit all over the floor or cupholder its no problem.
  18. I have eaten weed in the past and I did get high, it's not as strong as hitting the bong, it's very mellow.

    My mum also went to Amsterdam were they sell a special 'spinich' breakfast (you're full english covered in green) - she said she got high...

  19. I guess the breakfast thing would go back to the weed absorbing with the fats in the food, and getting you high!

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