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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sam Orlando, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. Me, my brother, and my friend are driving down the street in downers grove and we're going down a one way street. I was driving and I had my bowl and like 2 grams of dank that i took out of my half ounce at home. So we all had a hit or two so we weren't even stoned yet. I put down the bowl because we were near downtown Downers Grove and at a busy intersection. So I turned down a one way street and out of nowhere this car turns around the corner and is coming down the street towards us. So my brother yells out to the car, "You asshole! Learn how to drive." The car had been coming toward us going the wrong way down a one way. So we keep on driving and the car turns around and follows me. I had the bowl on my lap still and I see rotating blue and red lights. So I sat on it, but since we had just been smoking, it still smelled and the cop smelled it and then took my ass out of the car. Oh, the cop was also an undercover drug and gang cop for the Downers Grove Police. Go figure. I didn't get a dui though. Just a village ordinance. Won't go on my state record. Oh, FYI. I have the norml freedom card but didn't use it. I asked the cop and he said he would've given me a state record instead if I did use it.
  2. whats this norml freedom card? it like a monopoly get out of jail for free card that works in real life?...or is it just a card with info on your civil rights if being pulled over?...
  3. Yeah, i was thinking the same thing, i think ill check the norml website...
  4. I don't understand how having a card that's a cheat sheet to your rights can make a difference in what the cops do. Someone help me out?
  5. seems like it would just piss off the cop.
  6. it would piss cops off because they're well aware that with these cards people will know how far a cop can go, and its much easier to deal with someone when you're a cop if they arent clear as to what their rights are and they fully cooperate....for example, cops will always ask "do you mind if I check yor car?" fully aware to the fact taht the person in now way has to let them...but as soon as someone agrees, theyve given up their 4th ammendment right without knowing it...

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