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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MagicGuy, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Fuck...

    Typical Sunday night...driving around, not much to do, so we usually do what we do best - smoke blunts. So this time I'm with a lady friend of mine and somehow in our search for somewhere to park and smoke we ended up about an hour away from where I live. We found this place that we thought would be legit, pulled down the end of the street near a building and parked to start a session. Everything was cool - rolled the blunt, started smoking, and about 3/4ths of the way through, I see this car coming down the hill. I was like shit, we gotta get the hell out of here. I was telling my friend "Common, you gotta start the car we really need ta get the fuck out of here". She's just sitting there, stoned as hell, taking her time putting things away. I was getting frustrated and very impatient, and started to yell at her to get the fuck out. So she turns on her car, turns the lights on and heads STRAIGHT torwards the car. Needless to say, it was a cop. Actually, it was two cops.

    They pull up next to us with their window down and she followed suit and rolled down her window. As smoke bellows out of the car, the cop says "What are you two doing?". "We were just turning around", she tells them. Of course they didn't believe her so they parked their car and got out, came up to our windows and asked for I.D.s. "Can you explain why your car smells like marijuana?". Stupid fuck sitting next to me says "No but you can search my car if you want". There are two grams bagged up inside of a larger bag under my seat, and a very christened grinder with pot remnence in the center console. The cop asked if there were any drugs in the car, we said no. He then said that if he found anything we were both going to jail, but if we told him about it than we would all leave without any problems. I told him about the two bags, and he asked me to get them for him. They started their search and found the grinder. Cop pats me down, puts me in cuffs and tells my friend that she's lucky that they weren't taking her in, too. I get arrested with a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana, she gets off completely free. Go figure...

    So now I'm working my ass off to try to get this charge off of my record. What a Sunday night...
  2. damn homie, that really blows. I guess you shoulda just found a more isolated area to smoke. Whenever im just driving around with friends looking for a place to smoke, we always just find a very dark area with no one in site, sometimes an alley way or behind a building. Never gotten caught or had a problem.
  3. I've found atleast here anyways, if you know you're gonna get busted when a cop approaches you that you might as well just be up front and honest with them about it dont lie or anything like that. They'll usually just let you off the hook by telling you to get the fuck out of here or just take your shit.
  4. Ouch dude...Im sorry., Hope everything turns out well
  5. yooo no offense but your lady friend sounds like quite the blonde...and a bitch too.

    yeah i dont like spots with only 1 exit, not chill.
  6. thats why i always smoke around my area cause i know it so well and know where 2 go. Thats one of my major rules only smoke in an area you know or one of your freinds know and everyone can get happy and stoned, without the pigs
  7. Tough break....she didn't sound to bright. I'd be paranoid as hell, shovin stuff under a cig....pull out a map and start looking at it..something..anything..!!

    I managed to get myself out of a tight spot close to what you went through..only..i was the only one in the car. I was on my way to West Va, to join up with some friends to go caving. Well, I got lost and had just pulled off a backroad onto a more populated one when i see the lights behind me. FUCK...i wondered frantically if the bastard had noticed me pull off to begin with to smoke a J. I made a motion that i would pull over just as soon as i found a spot and he killed the lights. Quick as a flash..i light up a cig, pulled my map into better view...made sure my shit was hidden and rolled down a window.
    By the time the cop got to me, the car just smelled like cig smoke.

    He was like, may i ask what you were doing on that private road? I said..oh..i didn't know it was a private road, i just pulled over to look at my map. I'm lost.
    This is one of the few times i was happy to be wearing a low cut V neck shirt....*smile* He liked my cleavage
    I got off with a warning and with some directions..LOL
  8. Bummer MagicGuy......maybe you can do some kind of probation.....Sending Karma your way! Best of Luck!
  9. stupid girl

  10. Haha... well that shit CAN mean the difference between a warning and a search of a car. Unfortunatly for guys we cant exactly show clevage, and i doubt undoing your fly, zipper and leaning back in your seat is going to do anything. Aside from maybe indecent exposure. Unless of course... the cop is gay or something. Then you may end up re-enacting the loving scene between Gary Busey and Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  11. Or unless it's a female cop..*wink*

  12. Yes and no... Theres so many more variables when it comes to it, that arnt there if the cop is male and the driver is female. Guys can only hope for a female officer, like the one on Reno 911. *nods*
  13. lol...that woman's character scares me.
  14. The only one that scares me is the REALLY skinny one.... *shutters* The other two I dont mind. The black chick is hilarious.
  15. She's my favorite

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