Arrested.. got a few questions.

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  1. So i got arrested the other night, for possession of Buddah less than 1oz, was my first offense.

    Just wondering anyone have any idea what the judge will do to me?

    will i get a probation officer?

    what kinda fines am i lookin at?

    will i have to do community service or anything like that?

    Any information would be great. Thanks.:smoke:
  2. I was on probo. What state is this? and what county? It varies
  3. Texas, Bexar County
  4. Alright I was hoping it would be in Pennsylvania so I could give you a more definite answer. I was on probo a few years back for Vandalism and Criminal Mischief. (I tagged a building when I was like fourteen. It was bullshit) ANYWAYS... I, naturally, met a lot of people who were on probo for posession. For less than an O, most people were pretty much looking at 6 months to a year on probo and about 25 hours of community service (if even). However, where I'm from we also had a program where you had to take all these classes and shit like victim empathy and anger management. Who the fuck is your victim for smokin chronic? It's a bullshit program, I think they got rid of it. Anyways, that's about it. If you're under 21 I'd say 6 months to a year and a very small amount of community service. If over 21 probably some short probo and a fine of a couple hundred bucks.

    Consider yourself lucky, I had a year and 80 hours! Good luck
  5. Ok, well im 18. I just landed a job as a canoe tour guide in Canada for this summer. If im on probation will i not be able to go?
  6. It's probably different from place to place, but I know I was allowed to go on vacation and shit as long as it was approved by my Probation Officer. You'll have to ask whoever is dealing with the probation. You may or may not be able to go.
  7. If you're lucky you'll just get a fine and MAYBE some community service. A buddy of mine got paraphernalia in PA and just had a fine. No probo, no community service. It was about 300 bucks. Another friend of mine got possession in Ohio and got a small fine and that was it. I'm just gonna hope you don't even get probo. Don't get too worried about it. I'm sure you'll be alright.
  8. alright man, thanks a lot i just hope every thing works out... i want to go up to canada again so bad...
  9. yeah man np. Sorry I couldnt be more help. It really varies a lot by state, county, issuing officer, judge, etc.
  10. * With no prior felony convictions, if convicted of possession of less than one pound of marijuana a judge must impose a sentence of probation with mandatory drug treatment. If no treatment center exists within the jurisdiction, the judge may waive the treatment requirement. They judge can also waive all fines.

    Que Pasa?
  11. I'm in same situation right now...

    I am prob looking at couple hundred dollar fines, unsupervised probation, drug classes, and community service.
  12. if its ur first offense and u got caught with a smaller amount of mary jane, then u probably are facing a fine and probation, but it wont be to hefty hefty hefty lol (im high) but yeah they shouldnt have a problem with u going up to canada for working (but canada is known to have lax marijuana law so they may bring that bs up idk) that sucks dude i hate losing weed to da po po haha
  13. Fine time, When i got caught they made me do a drug and alcohol class, 110 bucks for three nights of chilling with other stoners talking about how we love good old marijuana jane :)

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