arrested - charged w/ PoP, friend possibly charged with PoM

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    I originally had no desire to post this, I haven't actually been on GC for a while, but I'm nervous about what might happen to my friend and I. If anyone has any experience with this, I would appreciate helpful posts.

    Yesterday, my friend and I went out and bought a quarter ounce, rolled up and smoked a J in my car, and was soon after pulled over by a police officer (he would later tell me the reason he pulled me over was for not having a front license plate). So we pull over, and the officer walks up to the car. Asks to see my license and insurance. Didn't have my insurance, and I have anxiety problems, so my hands started to shake. It didn't help that the car reeked of weed and that my eyes were red, either. He asked what the smell was and the only response I could manage was, "I don't know, sir." He then asked me to step out of the car (this was the first time I've ever been pulled over for ANYTHING, so 0 experience here). He took me behind the car and said this, "Look, I'm obviously not a new cop. Where's the weed?" I told him that it was in the car, because I thought that we had given him probable cause to search us anyway, so why not cooperate? Wrong decision. I should have never gotten out of the car.

    Anyway, this all culminates with my friend and I sitting on the ground surrounded by 5 officers (they had called 5 cars in for this shit, with the whole fucking free world watching us). My friend had the weed in his pocket, but I was NOT going to let him take the fall. I told the officer that the weed was mine, but he says that because it was in my friend's pocket, he gets possession. Bullshit. After that, I get frisked twice in the span of 5 minutes, put face down with my hands behind my back on the hood of the cop car, cuffed, and taken off to jail (I'm 5'8", 140, I posed NO threat to the behemoth that was manhandling me). While we're in there, the officer who initiated all of this bullshit (and very strongly resembled Rod Stewart, and was hard not to laugh at) tells me that because there was a grinder in the middle console, it is considered mine. So now I've got a class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia to deal with, but I got so fucking lucky. My friend's got class A misdemeanor PoM potentially going for him. The situation's fucked, but it could be worse. What do you all think?

    I also want to include that I never consented to a search, but 3 officers went VERY thoroughly through my car once we were seated outside on the road. I didn't know how much control over the situation I had.
  2. Never let a cop search, unless you might know them well and they might let you off if you just openly tell them. But other then that. lock door, keep keys in so they can't get in. They will threaten to bring dogs, which dogs aren't always on duty. They're only on duty for certain days, and certain hours. I'm the same man, I would take Possession other then having my friend take it. But thats bullshit, cops always treat people like CRIMINALS for weed. So your stuck in prison/jail with rapists and murderers for a plant. Goodluck with it all, hopefully you can get lucky and not get a huge charge or much time or anything.
  3. How was the grinder not yours?
    It was in your car
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    Well man, I would have told the cop that the weed is all gone. and had my friend stash it under a seat or somethin
    actually i woulda said, officer the remainder of the weed is in my buster. there we go ;)
  5. If worse comes to worse get a lawyer and fight it.. He can atleast get you off on some of it seeing as you did not consent to a search - Therefore anything that was found in the search could be thrown out. Also with the weed you should have eaten it really fucking fast, shove it in your pants or hide it in the car. I would have just aten it fucking fast. Also if your on a highway/ long stretch of road you don't have to pull over until you feel safe (in a town, etc) So you could have kept driving while your friend ate the weed. (And YES, if you eat 1/4 of some dank you will get high.. Just nowhere near as high as you would from a 1/4 brownie
  6. No. Just no
  7. You should prolly not smoke and ride dirty if you have anxiety and are just gonna let the cops do w/e they want! The sec you told them that there was weed in the car they no longer needed permission to search! Get a lawyer see what he says!
  8. i've learned from experience to just say no you don't have it, keep denying everything, then at least they can only bust you on what THEY find, don't do their job for them, that automatically lowers your chance of getting away without any trouble.

    you shouldn't have told him you had any, even if they had a reason to search your car, they might not have found it.. and that's a way better chance than you just telling them flat out that you have it.

    man you gotta think in these situations.. being stupid is what gets you busted. i got held up at the border with a half oz and my car reeked of weed but i just kept denying it saying that my friends had a bit in the car the night before, and yeah they searched it and brought the dogs on it and shit, but guess what? i denied it and they didn't find it, i got let through and enjoyed my half oz :smoke: you just need to be smart, otherwise you get busted.
  9. You could have stuffed the weed inside your socks. They wouldn't be able to search their because it would be considered a strip search.
  10. so wait... u admitted you had weed?
  11. wish I had been more prepared. this was the first time getting pulled over for anything at all, so I was a bit freaked out. couldn't think straight

  12. yep. thought lying to a cop would've been bad
  13. this will help you greatly my friend

    [ame=]‪Dont Talk to Police‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

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