around week 5 of flowering ,how they looking ?lots of pics

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  1. around week 5 or so of flowering ,just up my nutes to full strenth (5ml bio bloom per 1 l warter every 3rd day,7 plants under 1 600w hps ,lemon cheese ,veged for around 6 weeks.

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  2. They look just fine. :):smoking:
  3. Looks good:smoking:
  4. Y is your light tilted?
  5. becasue thats the only real safe way to pin it to the down beams in the attic ,seems to be doing fine tilted.
  6. you guys think 2 oz per plant is doable ?
  7. Hard to tell but between 1 and 2 oz per plant I would say. :)
  8. thanks.

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