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  1. I went in to talk to a recruiter today about the Army.
    I don't quite qualify for the Army apparently (single parent, GED with no college credits) but I can join the Reserves.
    He told me they were paid x amount per month, however the paper said that x amount was just for training, and y amount was for the one weekend a month.
    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Army Reserves.
    Do you get a decent monthly paycheck or do you get a not-so-decent monthly check for 1 weekend?
    I'm thinking about taking a long (four and a half hour) drive down to see my uncle who just so happens to be a recruiter, but if I can save myself some time and gas getting my questions answered here, I'd rather do that.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. you should post this question in

    there's always a bunch of recruiters there
  3. Why don't you just call your uncle?
  4. prob the best answer your gonna get lol....^
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    Wait until you smoke more and start thinking for yourself.. and wonder why the fuck you're in the army
  6. It doesn't pay much per se, but its fairly easy money.

    I was with the University section of the Gordon Highlanders in Scotland, and it was more for the social side that we went into it, plus i'd been a cadet at school, so it made sense to continue; plus if I ever had wanted to join up, it would have helped on my service record. Being at university, we were T.A. 2, meaning we didn't get called up as we were still in education; T.A. 1 were people who actually did jobs on the outside, and they could be shipped out if the army felt the need.

    There were no drug tests or anything, from what I can remember; I certainly did my fair share when I was at uni, and it was never picked up on...

    Don't expext a living wage or anything, look at it more like pocket money. The camps were usually good, at least I enjoyed learning tactics, and drills and stuff; but it was stuff I knew beforehand so I didn't pay too much attention.
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    I am thinking for myself. Nobody's convincing me to join.
    I don't give a fuck about the USA in it's current state. I wouldn't be joining "for my country", I'd be joining "for my paycheck".
    I'd be joining the reserves anyway. Not active duty.
    I'd be going to school while getting paid. Why not? Can't afford to do it otherwise.
    And hell, if I did get called in, that'd be a bonus.
    I would have no problem pulling the trigger on someone that would do the same to me.
    And for the people asking why I don't just call my uncle: Do you want to get a hold of someone in my family with his number? Because I sure as hell can't.

    Thanks for the info dude. The recruiter was trying to sucker me into thinking I'd be set with a fancy monthly income. I had a feeling he was bullshitting me.

  8. I'm really sorry to here you say that man. It's that kind of attitude that lets the politicians wage wars for money and oil.
  9. They only want to kill you because you're in their country lol. Well that and they hate America.

    How do you have your uncle's address but not phone number? Are Army recruiters contact offices on Google search? If so just Google your uncle...

    Anyway good luck
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    I don't support the war, nor am I a warmonger.
    But if I'm going to join the military and get shipped off to fight a war, you best believe I'm not going to let someone try to kill me and not do the same in return.

    I don't have his address. Lol.
    I just know the city he's in. And go figure I didn't even think of Google. Haha
  11. Don't get your panties in a wad when all the hippies come in here to talk shit about the military. That's bound to happen on a site like this lol.

    I will say the Reserves is equal to a part time job. But if I were you, if I'm thinking about the military you should go active duty. Now, you should look around at different recruiting stations and try to get a hold of someone that will work with you. He'll be able to get you in, all you need is a wavier for a GED and you're in active duty. You just gotta keep in contact with the recruiter and let him know you're serious.
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    My panties are fine. People can make all the stupid assumptions, accusations, and statements they want. I just like to reply with my opinions.
    I figure I can get into active duty fairly easily. I know a couple people that got into the military with GEDs and no other education. It all depends on who you know.
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    Being a former Army man myself with a little time in the Reserves, I can tell you that you would only get a small check for your weekend drill that you have once a month with a yearly 2week drill. The 2week cheek isn't that bad depending on your rank. The worst part will be having to go to Basic Training then AIT (advanced individual training). That can be 3 months for BT and up to a year depending on your MOS(job).

    So is it worth it? Only if you want to be with out weed for up to a year or longer, even then I wouldn't do it now because of the current state of this country.

  14. i can tell you this for a fact, you'd still have to get a regular job.
  15. also. its very hard to get a wavier for the (Ged) for army i dont think you can anymore (I was in army) they have to much people they actually are trying to get rid of officers/high ranks
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    He already pointed out he's talking about the reserves and implied the reserves have slightly looser requirements...
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    I haven't smoked weed in almost two months now. :p
    I think it would be worth it. At least I'd be able to get into school. As it stands right now, I can't find work and I can't afford to go to school.
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    He wanted to know about the army /reserves . Also there both 1 in the same.... don't post if you don't know what your talking about

  19. This. I used to be a member of that site too. F02_325 is a station commander and can handle most of your questions. Lots of good recruiters on that site actually.

  20. GED's still require 15 college credits.

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