Arjan's Haze#1,Neville's Haze,Hawaiian Snow and Barneys Violator Kush ;>}

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  1. Yes boys and girls,yet another new grow by Larryg420:rolleyes:.
    The 3 left overs from the GHS Sativa Mix pack and 2 from my Barneys Fem VK 5pack.
    Every one popped so far,the other VK just cracked open:smoke:
    So it's 5 for 5 on germing.
    From what i see in others VK grows it's a nice one:rolleyes:.
    I'm hooked on Kush right now[Helps me sleep],but i had some Haze last week and i like it very much.:cool:So thats why so many Haze plants right now[5]:D.
    I'm going to let all the Haze grow out except for maybe a couple clones each to save.
    I just got another Sativa Mix pack but a 10 pack this time:D


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  2. fuckin righteous Larry, cant wait to see that hawaiian snow snow flower, ooh wee. keep up the amazing work man:wave:
  3. busy arent ya lol how can u not look forward to this, best of luck
  4. this is gonna be an interesting watching :D
  5. Thanks:smoke:,every one is good this morning:D
    It's time for their morning shower.
    Every one gets a morning shower to keep them clean and dust free.
    They breath better when their pores clean.:smoke:
    Plus a weak nute solution helps:p
  6. so you are a foliar feeder huh.. nice... i dont do that... i suppose i should look into it...
    Il tag along Larry ;)
  7. Wow Larry another grow!? Damn right, gotta do em all!:hello: I'll be watchin all your grows closely. Gonna be choppin my girls in a week. Im going to give them 24 hours of darkness before I start harvest, to give them some extra resin:D Hit me up sometime and we'll take some bong rips to the dome:smoke: The VK is going to blow you away Lar!:eek:
  8. I seem to have lost one of the VK babies.I know it popped,i dug a little looking for it.
    Maybe it rotted?
    Oh well one is better then none!:smoke:
    I'm going to transplant them next week in to pint sized pots.I'm going to Bubble Bucket them once they good roots going.
    Then they will veg for 6 weeks then in to 12/12,i'll take 2 clones each to keep in the veg room.

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  9. Can't wait to see more pics. love these strains :)


  10. These babies are doing good,i put them in a Bubble cloner then in Bubble Buckets.
    Just like i said before this post will get moved to the Avanced Growing section because they are a Hydro grow now.:rolleyes::wave::smoking:

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  11. subfuckingscribed :wave:
  12. So you just planted the whole pack huh.

    I almost bought some Violator Kush seeds before. Cant remeber why I didnt. Maybe this will make me want to again.

    You got quite the grow goin on here what kind of lights are you using?

  13. ROFL, my thoughts exactly. Larry you doin big things and i like it!lol that Hawaiian snow is going to be so dank and fun to look at.:D
  14. I bought another pack but a 10pack so i figured plant the whole 5pack to see how they are.
    I use 2-400w MH on 24/7
    I'm sad i lost one of the VK-$56 for 5 fem seeds:(.
  15. High all:wave::smoke:.
    Like all the others these are doing good too.:smoke:
    The VK is a little small but i'm sure she'll catch up.
    As soon as the roots hit water they take off big time.But they are still getting used to the Hydro,the roots are just starting to drop down.Thank You Green House Seeds:D,and Barneys:rolleyes:

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  16. the AH#1 and NH are looking great! :smoke:
  17. im gonna be growing arjans haze #2 so ima be watching this one...
  18. I looked at my babies this morning and man they grew alot since i checked them yesterday.
    The VK is still little,i hope she gets going soon of else she is going to be a dwarf.

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  19. The VK is doing better,and the rest are good.
    Just getting bigger every day,which is a good thing:D
    Happy toking!!:smoke:

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  20. Hiya Larry , hows you? Did you get my PM? Its probably to late now...if so ..then maybe next time...:smoke:..stay green bro:D

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