AriZona Ice Teas

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  1. so who else agrees that it is the best drink 2 cure cotton mouth also a great value...mucho mango,raspberry...orangeade watermelon!!!!!!!!:eek:
  2. 99 cent cans all day!

    fuck yeah so many flavors.:smoke::smoke:
  3. best deal ever
    Arnold Palmer Half iced tea / half lemonade > all
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    Mucho Mango is where it's at.

  5. i was always more of a arizona green tea person myself, but i do really like the watermelon too.
  6. Grapeade, please [​IMG]
  7. Green tea with honey and ginseng !!!! :hello:
  8. Most Friday nights, a couple of friends and I hang out at the main street of our town just to chill and blaze. Every time we get into the nearby CVS, I always end up getting the White blueberry flavor. It's so amazing. :hello:

    I'm actually going to try making a homemade out of one of the glass bottles...
  9. +Rep that is where it's at!
  10. Green tea For The Win
  11. Haha....that's like the official stoner drink around here.

    Me and my boy used to smoke before school and then walk down to the 7-11 and pick up a couple Arizona Ice tea's... we'd walk to first period together (had the same class) red-eyed, goofy grin, and a long can of Green Tea in our hand! :D
  12. OMG dude rasberry... i live on that shit. Peach is decent, just not for me.
  13. Fuck yes, I buy like 2 of those every day.... I love the mango, peach, and rasberry... such a fucking killer deal, when I first drank one of those giant cans that I bought for 99 cents that was full of delicousness I couldnt believe it.
  14. AAHAH no joke i just bought one like a minute ago. I like fruit punch the most. Watermelon is good too.
  15. No lemon iced tea fans!? Come on people :( Although I like other ones too...raspberry tea, lemonade, green tea is decent, grapeade is good, fruit punch. Such a great deal!!!! haha
  16. trueeeeee
  17. dude I just came on here to say how Lemon is my favorite....great minds think alike oh great Jim Morrison head!!
  18. Lemon and Green Tea is all that's in stock around here.

    But they so damn delicious...
  19. deffinatly the best drank in the world!!

  20. w0ot! that is awesome!!!!

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