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Arizona ganja

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankydank182, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Hey blades, so for those of you that live in the southwest (perferably Arizona :hello:) What type of dank do you usally get? I mean, i live an hour away from flagstaff, in the yavapi county region, and where i live, all i can ever find is low to high mids :rolleyes: What about you guys? Post it up, post some pictures, whatever you want! Keep on tokin GC! :bongin: :D
  2. What's up. Out here in East Mesa/Apache Junction I usually just get mids, haven't come across anything special or mind blowing.
  3. yeaah. the desert isnt a really good place to find fantastic dank. :p
  4. I've heard that there is good stuff here in the desert, but haven't seen it :(
  5. I've heard of there being some good shit in AZ, but I've never been there. There's most likely good shit everywhere though, just gotta get lucky enough to come across it.
  6. I get some nice fire most of the time, I've picked up exotics a few times as well. You just gotta know the right people and good stuff shouldn't be to hard to find.
  7. All the good stuff in AZ comes from cali, I used to live in lake havasu which borders california. Didn't used to smoke back then though, wish I did since they had 10 a g dank just like cali.
  8. I been lucky then. I've been able to get hold of some fire from the Phoenix area.
  9. Tucson here. Found a chronic dealer the day i moved into my apartment. My dealer gets some for sure chronic maybe not the medical cali shit but it's chronic.
  10. Nice nice, yeah i don't live in the phenoix area, i just live in a town full of cowboys and mexicans, only like a half eigth probably skate and stuff in my school, and of course those who skate here smoke weed. But all of them smoke the same shit, some of them probably get good shit, but i wouldn't know who does. I met this one guy who gets his shit straight from cali and offerd me good deals, and told me if i ever need really good dank, to go to him, but i can't get ahold of him, he has no phone and lives in the town over. :rolleyes:
  11. That sucks man. But keep looking because there definitely is dank bud in AZ.
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    I live in a tiny town in between Phoenix and Tucson and right now all I can get is dank. Some Purps, WW. Mr. Nice Guy and a couple other as of this afternoon. I've come across most the big names in the last few months. Right now we are going through the usual late-summer drought which really sucks, I can't find anything for less than $20 a gram. :(

    Here are a few recent pics
  13. Fellow Arizonans!

    I live in the burbs of Peoria, and I (as well as my friends) get good, good shit

    I've had White Widow, Maui Wowi, Sour D, Master Kush, Blueberry yum yum, all from the same dealer.

    AZ gets bomb shit from Cali, and we also get shit from Mexico (mainly just Reggie though)

    There is one strain, however, which is privileged to AZ only (as far as I know)

    Called "phoenix sun purp"... Let me tell you... This shit is so frosty, and sticky.
    The outside is a beautiful hue of purple, with long orange hairs. (suns colors)

    So we have it pretty good in AZ.
    At least where I'm at.

  14. Holy shit, thats beautiful, i wish i had that:eek: , Man, there is absoloutley NO dank where i am, they call the reggies dank :rolleyes:

  15. Okay, wherever you live, LUCKY!!! D:

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