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arizona bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Balow218, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i've been browsing this site for months with no real reason to voice my opinion. but now i will be visiting the mesa/phoenix area and was wondering if anyone knew the relative prices that bud goes for in the area.
  2. for dank:
    90-120/quad (yikes)

    The variance in prices really has to do with the area and your hookup. In some wealthier areas, they really try and bleed all the kiddies of their parents' cash, so as a result the prices in the entire area go up.
  3. Sounds about right. If you end up paying $60 for an eighth, it better be top quality "name brand" kind of shit. Other than that, Arizona's got solid buds and pretty standard prices.
  4. I'm telling you man, $60/eighth is standard in some areas of Phoenix. East Coast assholes moving out here, and bringing the same market expectations with them. You're right, though, legit hookups will be a little less than that in AZ.
  5. Man come on down to Scottsdale where I live. My good friend just sold a quad of mids for like 120 to some dumbass. I'm a Scottsdale kid, but I know what I'm dealing with. Most kids out here wouldnt know schwag from dank if it hit them on the head.

  6. haha that last part is hilarious!

    thanks for the help guys...sounds pretty similar to my neck of the woods.
  7. Yo go to Southern AZ you will get some good prices. My buddy was locked up over there and when he got out he got an ounce of bomb shit for 100 bucks. :smoke:
  8. to the OP i live in Tempe and its 20 a gram and 50 an 1/8

    and to birdcity, you should send me a PM ,i can fix your problem, you gotta do it quick though.

  9. ASU student? i'd love to visit the campus.
  10. I reside in scotts, AZ and am looking for reggie, any ideas? :)
  11. lol hahaha
    we got a mini escobar over here.

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