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  1. do u think that the area under the san andreas fault will eventually fall inot the ocean. arizona is fertile in many points if it where closer to water it might be paradise.

    i wonder
  2. [ame=]BIll Hicks - Good bye you Lizard Scum - Arizona Bay - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Northern Arizona around the Flagstaff region must be good for growing. I hear that is where a lot of Arizona bud comes from. For people that don't know what Arizona bud is, it's like really really high mids-low grade dank that usually goes for $5-$10 a gram.
  4. shti with medical laws we got DANK we got all grades really but shwag isnt smoked in my town much since the good bud is afordable.
  5. I hope not cause my family lives in California, perhaps I'll invest in a boat some day!
  6. or learn to swim
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    The birds could shit diamonds onto streets made of solid gold and Arizona wouldn't be a paradise. It will still be a dirty shithole filled with with psychotic, moronic racists.

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