Arizona bans ethnic studies in public schools

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  1. Wtf...

    Arizona limits ethnic studies in public schools -
  2. I don't see the problem. Education should be handled by the state, and I don't support using public funds to pay for programs designed for a certain race.
  3. But do you honestly feel that courses in US history adequately cover the experience of minorities living within the United States? Most history is the white man's history, for better or for worse; it is the history of the dominant group in society.

    I mean, do you think a course like 'Civil Rights in America' is designed for blacks? I mean, of course, the content of such a class would likely focus on the experience of black Americans, but does that fall under the grouping of what should be banned? What about 'Modern Immigration in the US'? Or 'Cesar Chavez and the Latino Experience in America'?

    I've read the bill and it's vague enough that I'm really not secure in a belief that classes of the above type - classes that I think are extremely relevant to modern Americans (of all ethnic groups) - would be safe from the ban.
  4. By ethnic studies they mean programs sponsored by La Raza and MEChA that advocate the violent overthrow of the US government and the return of several states to Mexico.

    It's a real problem in the SouthWest, with "Ethno-Centric" hispanic education in some places that is nothing more than anti-American pro-Aztlan pro-Reconquista.

    What you and I think of when we think of "Ethnic studies" and what is taking place from the pro-Reconquista radicals in Arizona are 2 very different things.

    EDIT: Not kidding, the bill explicitly bans the overthrown of the US government being taught, because the ultra liberal radicals were teaching it.
  5. And of course, the simple litmus test, would "White Studies" or "Aryan Studies" courses be acceptable?

    The teaching of history isn't being banned, the teaching of ethnic separation and violent overthrow is being banned.
  6. They've been doing it for years......

    How many schools taught the total suppression of the native Americans?
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    ^ my high school taught how we fucked the indians. The point wasn't to make us feel bad it happened though it's to give prespective cause if you don't learn from history your doomed to repeat it.


    And saying its the "White mans history" is just fucking idiotic. It's the history of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Just because the founders were white doesn't make it WHITE MANS history. If you come here and have no respect for THE AMERICAN HERITAGE, you can get the fuck out.
  8. Jan Brewer is doing this shit to get votes for next election. We always get a bad rep for being a red state, and this shit's just making it worse. I'm moving out of here.
  9. Revisionist history at best...

    Not to be argumentative, but the schools I attended did a very shoddy job of teaching us the entire story. Very few schools want to teach their students that the white men came in a raped their women and killed the children...Or how the white man lied to consume all their land, then stuck them on the least fertile land.

    Instead they had a brief study of a few battles, and possibly the trail of tears. They only mentioned in brief detail about how the white man gave them small pox and marched them over 1,000 miles during the winter.

  10. That's funny...American history was written and rewritten by the white man. Do you honestly think that they would make themselves accountable to future generations?

  11. So you support the violent overthrow of the US government being taught in schools?
  12. This is all just one big political move.

    When will legislators and politicians stop telling educators how to do their jobs?

  13. Alright, John Redcorn

    Obviously the real news leaked at some point otherwise there'd be no conversation here

  14. LOL that made me laugh....
  15. I have my doubts with public schools, even if its elementary, just taking a group of students of a certain race and assigning them to a class dedicated to their said race. Maybe they have, but I've always assumed that was the students choice, of any race for that matter.

    I know this is nothing new either, but if you knew those classes where teaching things like oppression before, why all of a sudden do you have a problem with it now?

    A good idea for schools (if they haven't done this) who still want to teach ethnic history would be to consider real Mexicans, Native Americans and include them in the text.
  16. Nobody is saying you cant have classes about different cultures. They're just tired of the racist programs that teach different color people to hate whites and the country. These programs do exist, I've seen them first hand.
  17. Yet another example of the white washing of Arizona..

    Whats next ?
    A ban on Mexican restaurants perhaps..
  18. Teaching various ethnic culture is one thing, but teaching that some ethnic groups are entitled to parts of ones country is another. Not that hard to understand is it?

    It got nothing to do with racism, and all to do with upholding the unity of the nation.
  19. ^This^ is very disturbing to me. I'm curious as to where these groups are based out of that sponsor and support a "violent overthrow" within the US. How is it that we can continue to turn a blind eye to what is essentially treason(which is punishable by death), especially if these groups are located within the US, and have US citizens employed.
  20. heheh isn't it funny how other conturies know more about our country's history than we do?This will just make us look even dumber.Ideas for Teaching US History - Associated Content -

    To me,the nation was founded by a fuck up named Christoper Columbus.he was suppose to go to India and ended up in American and he was all like "hmm...well,i guess this is India,and those people over there must be Indians" And he suppose to bring the Queen back some gold and spices ,but since he fucked up he was all like"well i didn't go to India or find and gold or spices,but to pay you back for my fuck up,we can round up some people of the land i "found"(as if it was lost) and you can have them as salves" And he fucked up again cuz more than half died on the trip back.

    Our books act like he just came and was like"Time to cut down trees and build log cabins ,oh happy days,happy days."

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