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  1. Had my solo for about two weeks now snd love every minute of it, however both of my stems are really loose now which i expected but not this bad if i tip the solo upside down the stem just falls right out. Sucks when im vaporbonging. I was thinking of buying that wooden grandillo stem. Will that loosen up the same? If so how do i solve the problem?
  2. try the pvhes. Yours could be an older model :/
  3. Do older models have this problem more than the newer units? I bought it less than two weeks ago off of puffitup. I dont understand how glass could warp at such low temps unless its the unit itself.
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    It's the unit itself, the looseness was a problem with older units so they made it super tight in the newer ones. Mine came loose too after awhile, and I don't think PHVES won't help with the looseness problem. Buy an o-ring from PV. :wave:
  5. Thanks for the info, man. Do you think that's something covered in the warranty? I probably wouldn't send it in and go without unless it has any other problems, doubt they would for something so small anyways. Just irks me a bit haha. I'm gonna try the o ring. Guess you get what you pay for, so I should have expected to get the older model for the deal puffitup has it for.
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    I'm willing to bet you have an M1 and then a letter for the serial, anything M107 and up (M107, M1A, M1B, M1D) has had the tightness of the unit fixed, but they still come loose regardless because of usage. It's inevitable with temps up to 410ËšF stretching the components inside. An o-ring will fix it right up. Just keep in mind you have to trim it down if you have the "fat" cap. Refer to here for that. :D
    I highly doubt warranty covers it. If you wanna send Randy a message to see if you can get it fixed be my guest, but I think the o-ring is a very simple fix for it.
  7. One thing I can tell you is, get extra bowl peaces... :confused_2:
    I have a Arizer Extreme Q, and maybe it's because I am a college student with ton's of high/drunk college students smoking out of the vaporizer but in my 2 - 3 years owning the Extreme Q I have successfully went through 10+ Bowl Peaces 5+ Whip Kits and my first Extreme Q just broke after 2 1/2 years of good service to this country.
    Don't let the remote fall either, if the inside cylinder peace moves at's done for.
    Enjoy the vape.   :bongin:
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    There's no remote to the Solo ;)
    But I agree, extra stems will save your life. I had one of the two break on me already. :(
  9. Just out of curiosity, why would you purchase the solo instead of the Extreme? The price difference can't be that much to make the fan trade-up worth it? :confused_2:
    To each his own.  :bongin:
  10. Solo is portable.
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    Portability, stealth, and huuuuuge vapor clouds. The likes of which I haven't seen from the extreme, at least on youtube anyways. Which was my only visual source when planning to purchase. I'd reccomend it to anyone over any other vape I've smoke out of personally desktop or portable.

    This is really my only issue with it, if this o ring fix works, their is literally no other negative thing I could have to say about it.
    Here's someone shaking their solo with the ring inside. Mine is trimmed so I don't feel comfy doing that, but it shows that it's tight again.

  13. I was nervous watching that, haha. I was just waiting for it to let go and his solo smash on the floor. Oring seems to be more than enough to fix the problem. Gonna order some tommorow. Simple fix for a simple problem.
    I have both and I use the Solo almost exclusively.  Uses less medicine, portable, easy to use and "put away"
  15. I have both models and they both rock.
    I was having difficulty getting good rips from the desktop until I started turning the fan on while ripping the whip. :eek: talk about night and day !! The solo, just pull on the stem lightly while hitting to get better airflow. Cheers

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