Arizer extreme q ?

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  1. I'm debating on buying this because it has bags, are there any better vapes like this for less than 200? If you have one how is it? Would you recommend it?
  2. It's essentially one of the best desktop vapes available at the price it usually goes for ($155)

    I'm buying one soon too but just got a DaVinci so I'm using that as my desktop ATM

    My friend has an Arizer and its the shit!! The extreme Q is loaded with features and uses some quality parts ,and produces nice vapor clouds :smoke: if I had money id go with a Volcano but I don't want to spend that much on a vape right now . I'd say go for it, you won't be disappointed .
  3. Bags are very novelty. Most people(myself included) hate the bags after a few times. I love my eq though its a beast and for the price is hard to beat. Your only other bag option is the herbalaire pretty much.
  4. Thanks, the reason Iiked the bags is I wanted to just being able to lay in my bed with a bag and be comfy and get high haha, yes I'm lazy.
  5. Get it for sure. Elbow packs with it are also bad ass. You get pretty dense vapor hits :)
  6. I keep hearing about those, what's an elbow pack?
  7. I lay in bed with my eq every night. I just use the whip.

    An elbow pack is when you pack the tiny screen in the glass elbow with weed.
  8. been getting stoned high the past 7 days with my Arizer Extreme Q. get it and don't look back. best money ever spent.
  9. Which model do you a have? I'm looking at the 2012 model for $149
  10. Got the 2012 its nice I do bags mostly
  11. I would recommend the EQ, it fits easily into the best vapes on the market, and especially vapes under 200. It is not my favorite, as I think there are better whip vapes.

    Here's the thing, any recommendation I give you won't have bags. If you want bags, the EQ is an easy choice. I think bags are a novelty, with disadvantages far outweighing any advantage they may have. They have some advantage in groups, especially groups of vape-noobs, as a bag is hard to hit wrong. But their disadvantages include waiting, breakage (of the bag blowing system), reduction in taste, slight reduction in potency, etc.

    If you're okay going bagless, check out the vapes by 7th floor (Life Saber, Silver Surfer, and Da Buddha). The Silver Surfer and Da Buddha are the two best whip vapes, and nearly identical. The Life Saber is a handheld plugin vape that is meant to be used one handed like a joint via the transfer wand, or mated directly using a bong. This is the vape I own and love, can be had for 190 directly from 7th for, the best purchase I've made, and the best vaporizer I've tried.

    Other options are the Underdog for a conserving log vape, or the Vtower if you want a bagless EQ.

    If portability ever strikes your fancy, I'm very impressed (as are many others) with my arizer solo. For 160 its just awesome, it can produce vapor almost comparable to a desktop, with a long battery life.

    For reference, I've had the pleasure of trying the following vapes: SSV, DBV, LSV, EQ, MFLB, VG, EasyVape, Vapor Brothers, Solo, Da Kube, and the Volcano.
  12. I highly (pun intended) recommend the EQ. If you like bags then they aren't a novelty to you. I love taking a couple bags to the head and getting lifted. :smoking:
  13. I'm currently waiting to get the money up to get the arizer and its such a Long wait.. How long can you make a gram last with it?
  14. You can get super baked atleast 3 times. High like 5 times. Buzzed like 7
  15. Most people don't like bags, and if you're like most people you probably will agree. I do like bags, and I'm a healthy dude, not a frail med patient or anything. I'm not trying to convince you about bags, only tell you my opinion.

    Whips are harsh. The first hit off one isn't too bad, but after that it gets painful - worse than smoke IMO. It's because of the extreme dryness of the air.

    Most people who use a whip run it through well-diffused glass. I tried that (20" bong, diffused downstem + dome perc), and it *still* hit a bit harsh, though the water filtering did help a bit.

    I even read a thread on FC where people were putting fogging devices in their bongs to increase the moisture content... honestly that sounds crazy to me - why not just use a bag instead??

    Bags aren't harsh at all, it's like breathing air. The only downside I see to them is that it takes my EQ about 2 and a half minutes to fill a bag at the highest fan speed. When I'm alone this isn't a big deal, especially since it comes with 2 mouthpieces and 2 bags, allowing me to fill the second one while I'm still toking the first. When I have company though, I find myself wishing for a volcano, since I've heard it can fill a bag in 30 seconds.

  16. Bags are less harsh not because they are less dry but because the air to vapor ratio is higher, and for some of us, a high air to vapor ratio is not what we are looking for. I would much rather have a low air to vapor ratio and attack the harshness by adding moisture, like hitting my vapor through a bong filled with very warm water.

  17. Since the price of the Extreme Q and Arizer Solo are very close, I'd reccomend the Arizer Solo instead of the Q. It is the size of a red bull can, portable, uses a Lion battery that will last 2 hours on a charge, can be used with a bubbler, more dense vapor, and more efficient than the Q.
    Enjoy whichever vape you choose and check out fuckcombustion for more vaporizing info.
  18. It may have a smaller bowl, routinely prompting less use - but that is not the same as efficiency. Efficiency takes into account the high as well. You can use way more in a certain vape and still have it be way more efficient.

    The word you might be looking for is conservative (in the sense in conserves). Not trying to be a grammar nazi, but efficiency is an incredibly important aspect of comparing vape to vape, and it is different from (but related to) conservation.
  19. I was looking at the Solo, but if I don't need it to be portable. I figured I could fill a few bags up and throw them in the trunk if I'm going somewhere.

  20. Vapor starts to go stale and condense on the inside of the bag as soon as you fill it. If you fill a bag, I'd try to use it within 10 min to maintain taste and potency.

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