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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 11, May 10, 2004.

  1. everyones looking at me .No one understands what l,am going through .My parents hate me .everybody hates me .Think l,ll go eat worms .long worms .short worms. fat worms and skinny worms ,lol.

    Why do all kids think the people that love them the most hate them ???
  2. Hey man eat up. Just dont eat any of those kinds that live in your belly. [​IMG]

    And about the kids... it'll probly take em a while, but they will see your intentions in the end. just be fair dinkum, and they'll turn out great!

  3. They already have my friend.:D

    l,am proud of all my kids even if l bitch every now and then.:D
  4. Kids are the stranges people of all time to us older OFFFS.

    My oldest is my best friend as well as my child, but sometimes you can't make him understand the simple truth.

    We have already been there done that critter. Some times the kids have to go through it themselves to believe..

    Age differences and generatin gaps..
  5. critter me darlin ive eatin my share of fat worms, skinny worms,wiggley worms..squiggley worms.....
    ive also eatin crow many time also. worms are best cold crow, eatin while warm. :D

  6. I'm sayin'!!! Sometimes I just wanna pull my hair out!! Some kids don't listen to anyone! I have one of those!! Some days I think he's like a stump. Damn!! Proud as hell of 'em but I've had to work at it and there's been a few times I wasn't so proud. We still have a ways to go, though. Sometimes I just wanna throw my hands up and say piss on it!! I wont - sometimes I just want to!! I've passed the curse on so I have to be around to see it!!
  7. "I've passed the curse on so I have to be around to see it!!"

    lol :D
  8. Hey critter 11 :)

    I --- too have eaten my share of worms & crow......while savoring the expensive taste for T-Bone Steaks! Just to learn nobody hates you except YOU!

    The one thing you have to remember about you were once their age and someday they will be your age......
  9. Not me this time :D.

    Number 3 sons girlfriend was fighting over the phone with her mum on mothers day.

  10. yup... spare the rod, spoil the child...

  11. HEY, get out of my garden!!!


    I have a 2 year old girl, she's been gettin woopins since 1.
    The little shit hits me back and tells me "no daddy no tell me no, no sir".
    Then i have to turn away to keep from laughin, or leave the room and have my wife go discipline her so she doesnt think its ok to talk back.
    I have a feeling we'll be dukin it out when she gets older:)

    "this is gonna hurt you more than it is me"
  12. have you guys got so old you've forgotten?
    if they're in that phase its most likely the increase of hormones playing tricks on their minds. ... shit, i still get that way every once in a while.

    from an evolutionary biological viewpoint though, is it not just a natural way of encouraging the chicks to leave the nest?

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