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  1. I had a bit of an argument with my mom on the phone. She wasnt there for me for a period of time when I was younger, and it sort of fucked up my childhood. I told her "you really dont care do you" it slipped out of my mouth, now i feel really bad. I fucked up. I dont know why I said it, its like all the frustration from the past overwhelmed me for a brief moment. She was depressed as it is, and isnt in the best health, but when she gave me this attitude during the conversation, it just slipped out.

    how can i apologize to her?

    me and my fuckin mouth.....god damnit. Cant go through all this shit and not do something now.
  2. Just apologize?
  3. fuck me. I dont know what to say now. and i literally am unable to enjoy anything until i apologize.
  4. Just say "hey mom, im sorry for saying that was stupid and i didnt mean it. I love you! and give her a big ass hug
  5. just give her a kiss
  6. Just tell her your going threw a lot an you don't mean what you said
  7. Never apologize about how you feel.

  8. Lol cold blooded MF.. You do that with people that deserve it. Mothers are females you don't disrespect AT ALL.

    Apologize, tell her it's gonna be alright op
  9. Guarantee if you talk to her you guys will mend up and be stronger.....or fight and get further. But go with a postive attitude. She's your Mom. She's allowed mistakes too.
  10. Sit down and write it in a letter. It gives you time to think and say things in exactly the right way. Then hand it to her, saying that you are really sorry and that your mouth was engaged before your brain was in gear. :cool:

    Granny :wave:
  11. Apologize for what you said but also be honest about about why you said it.

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