arghhhhh fuck

Discussion in 'General' started by head4life, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. this is the 5th time I had tried to take a tolerence break this week

    everytime I do one of my homeys ALWAYS comes over with a fat blunt or joint and ask me if I wanna smoke it with them

    GOD DAMNIT I smoked a 20 bag (10 grams) of mids last night in under a hour I GOT to take one but I just can't seem to :(

  2. Then tell them not to come over. Ask them out of respect and tell them whats going on and I am sure if they are your REAL homies then they will respect your decision to take a tolerance break.

    My tbreak is over tomorrow, but I have a job pending so I must wait. Yes its hard, I am not going to claim otherwise. I have a brand new ROOR bro just sitting here waiting for me to smoke out of it. It takes will power.
  3. ahhhhh but I dont have any will power!! lol

    I don't HAVE to smoke it but I always do I wish I didnt have to take one just I have to smoke so damn much to get high
  4. how the hell is a 20 bag 10 grams?

  5. If its schwag.

  6. I live in texas lol
  7. still..thats saying its 50cents for a gram..and you said they were BS mitchie man

  8. you can ask "dog" another member here how good and how cheap I get my weed he smokes the same exact weed I do :wave:

    and no thats 2 dollars a gram did you fail math class man? :p
  9. or $2 a gram...

  10. <--------------- is redicioulsy fucked up early in the day

  11. hahaha me too man

    thats how us GC members do it

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