ARGGGG My face is so itchie!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ACole420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. And I'm only on 20 mg of oxy. Oh but the itch feels so nice to scratch. Anyone else love to scratch their opiate induced itch?
  2. If you think thats great, you should try massaging your prostate while on them, it's otherwordly.
  3. I must say Griff I think I might give it a try. Do you recommend anything to insert into my rectum to get my prostate just right?

    Why do you have to ruin another of my threads asshat?
  4. mmmmm.....ya i love the itch, although it gets annoying after an hour or so in my opinion
  5. Right now EVERYTHING is itchie on me. :hello:
  6. Not when its your balls and you're in public.
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  8. Lol good point. But when I'm fucked up scratching my balls in public in the least of my worries. All I care about it getting that damn itch.
  9. It does suck in public, cuz I always get the itch on my nose.
  10. Lol dude my nose always itches it's always the tip of it too, and beneath my eyes and my cheeks hahaha, so bomb it feels so good!
  11. My whole body is itchy right now, it kinda sucks, but somehow it's alright too
  12. My asshole was itchie like 2 min ago. I hope its cause of the oxy and not because I did a shit job on the wipe.
  13. i heard when your itchie on opiatates its a mild alergic reaction
  14. hahahha man, i just popped a 30mg roxy an hour ago and my face is sooo fucking itchy... lmao i was just sayin this to myself before and came on and saw this thread lol :smoke:
  15. Instead of editing im just going to post again, the only time I hate the itching sensation is when it's on my back, in a spot that I can't reach. That is even worse than my balls itching in public.
  16. Hahahahahahahahahahaahaaaa

    Sig worthy, I think :D:D
  17. I usually try and take a couple benadryl before i take opiates. It potentiates them and takes away some of the itch.
  18. ^^

    I do the same when I remember. It helps a little. I'm itching so badly right now lol...but it's alright. Just gets old.
  19. I love the opiate itch.
  20. haha your face is all bloody when it wears off. I am sorry but the image I have in my head is fucking hilarious.

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