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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gr0wer, May 17, 2003.

  1. I was looking around at and found this he says he gets more then 3 oz per plant at just under one per sq foot. Thats 750g per sq yard! Why dont more people use this system?
  2. uuuuuu......maybe cause most of us dont have the motivation to build somthing like it looks awsome.....did you see those roots......that guys got the schizzle dizzle going on.....
  3. Has anyone in here tried this. If u have let me know. I want to learn more about it. The explanations given on that link is not all that suffcient. More pictures with some step by step explanations would be really good. any help in locating some help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. look on in the forumsome guy did a stadium areo tube grow. They said its around $300 for a setup if you build it. How are your plant s going newbie
  5. Hey man ...the plants are fine ...Had to kill three ...when transplanted them into new bigger pots only four can be there .....But they all have enough personal space ...Out of the 7 plants now I only have best 4 ....Bought 3 little floro tubes ...It fits nicely....they give light to the underbranches and leaves main light is 400 W MH light ...And yes I do have an HPS for flowering .....Have to get my friends digi. cam. to post some new pictures .....Thanks for asking ....

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  6. sounds like you know your stuff. good luck ;) !
  7. Will keep you posted on how things go ....any idea on how long should u flower a plant .... ? Or I guess u flower untill harvest ? right ?

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  8. Oh my that's you know how much those systems are at hydro stores? It probably cost him less than a fourth of that!

    He's even got the same net pots as me.

    It's really not as hard to put together as it can find all those supplies at Home Depot but you'd be better off going to Lowes. I'm boycotting Home Depot because I had to buy a couple posts for a fence and they charged me $12.96 for each and at Lowes they had them for $7.96! Plus Lowes will give you 10% of the difference if you find a cheaper price somewhere else.

    So down with Home Depot and their Special Olympic fundraisers.
  9. newbieee rad this about when to harvest.

    ya those systems sell for 1k+ online and i canimagine more from a store. Im not shre if it was thi setup or another but its someting like $300 US to build a 4 post system. make your money back quick and then some with the increased yeild.
  10. I would one day want to set this up like that just to see how it all comes out. Is that a crime ? I mean I am just going to see whether it can grow something like tomato plants or something

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  11. I wish this were my grow! I am switching to the "green tube" I first discovered on the OGF web site (members of OMMP only).

    It is an areo system and has an awesome yield:

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  12. doesnt work for me lol^^
  13. if you take a moment to see, that link is old. this thread is from '03
  14. lol yeah :)

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