Area 51 Raid September 20 Save the date

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Raid Area 51?

  1. Yeah bitch!

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  2. You nuts bro?

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  1. Anyone doing this? Sounds like a good way to get tear gassed, detained, or shot.

    I'd like to hear if anyone thinks something positive will come out of this, and if so, how?
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  2. No. People are bat shit crazy if they think they will accomplish anything.

    Death will from from it. Cross the line and you'll be shot instantly.

    LOL.. "they cant stop all of us" Actually they can and they will.
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  3. Nope they are going to be either killed or at least arrested if they actually try it. Its a military base isn't it?? People cant just go in there no matter how many other people are with :thumbsdown:<_< They are dumb if they think they going to accomplish anyting by doing it...

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  4. What are they looking for - what do they hope to see, Martians?
  5. They think there's some sort of allens there. Probably not Martians because Mars is pretty clearly uninhabited. Whatever they're looking for I think all they're going to find is a bullet to the chest...
  6. Idiot mentality.
    Heeeeerrrrzz yer sign.
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  7. I want to hear from the person who voted yeah bitch!
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  8. They may send a few folks to Guantanamo (jk) but they won't shoot them. Not because they wouldn't want to shoot them, it just wouldn't look good on the evening news.
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  9. They're gonna get a five star wanted level immediately...

    That shits tricky to get rid of, they're gonna need cheats.
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  10. Shoot the media first. Problem solved.
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  11. Wouldn't it be something if everyone who showed up mysteriously vanished, only to wake up alone in some deserted part of the desert far away from anything, with sore butts.
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  12. Maybe not the sore butt part.
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  13. Prob watched the same YouTube conspiracy theory video I watched. Only 3 min but real convincing there’s something goin down there.
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  14. I'll be willing to bet no one can actually even get there.

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  15. No vacancy anywhere near there for the days around Sept. 20...
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  16. On my way, man!

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  17. If you consider the earth being liberated of the burden of supporting a few idiots, then yes, it's a good thing.

    Most folks won't even get near, the meetup point on Facebook is far away from where they need to be, folks are not prepared to hike 15 miles in the Nevada sun, as for them live streaming it, yeah good luck with that, there ain't no signal out there.

    As for bullets, no, can't see them being used, direct energy beam weaponry however, yes, I can envision them being used to zap idiots from a distance.

    Why waste those rounds of hollow tips when you can test out your latest secret toys?

    We owe all of this to Bob Lazar...
  18. It's just going to be an excuse to party for the alien heads.
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  19. The government's secret facility will not be made public. Bunch of low tech unreleased shit stored at area 51.

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  20. The real alien shit is stored at Area 51&1/2.

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